Fresh Produce

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great start to their Wednesday, I know mine hasn’t been the most perfect but I keep telling myself that it is only two more days until Friday. Plus it is a What I Ate Wednesday and those posts are always my favorite. After you read my post head on over to Jen’s page at Peas and Crayons and check out all the amazing things people are eating. The first picture I saw was bananas and PB so I’m going to read that one first!

Peas and Crayons

The mornings have been starting off with Spark these days. I love coffee on the weekend to sip nice and slow, but at work it almost always got cold and I would gulp it down. Not relaxing.


That was my last grape spark so I’m kind of sad, I told myself I have to go through at least two of the million boxes I have before I can reorder. After the spark I had another egg mug, I won’t bore you with that picture though you have seen them here. Lunch is what was really exciting for me yesterday.

photo 1


There was some leftover basil in the fridge from a meatless night we did last week that was starting to turn. Everyone knows that when basil starts to go bad you need to make pesto with it. So I made that for a chicken and pesto dinner but had tons of leftovers that would be perfect with the seasonal produce. So I chopped up a cucumber, orange bell pepper and heirloom tomatoes and tossed them in some leftover pesto. Then to kick this lunch up even more I added little balls of mozzarella. It was so fresh and so crisp that I inhaled it. The one thing that I can fault this salad with is it doesn’t pack a protein punch. So I needed to grab a few handfuls of granola.

photo 2

By the time dinner rolled around I was starving and wanted protein so the boyfriend grilled me up an awesome burger.

photo 3


I made a side of baked sweet potato wedges and also served it up with some dip that I made here. I was stuffed by the end of this dinner, so full I couldn’t even eat a full cupcake that I made.

photo 4

The bite I had of these carrot cake cupcakes was pretty awesome though. I’ll share the recipe with you guys later this week!

So those are my eats. I left out my macros this week, I am still having the same issues with iron and I also went a little over my calories yesterday 🙂

What is your favorite summer produce? Cherries times a million then tomatoes. 


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