The Skin Cancer Chronicles – The Day After

Saturday I woke up and didn’t move. I was lying on my back and nothing hurt, I couldn’t believe it, I had zero pain at all. I had to pee so bad though so I rolled to get off the bed and the second the pressure was off my back it was searing pain. I almost yelped but I didn’t want to wake up the boyfriend, too bad the boyfriend was so in-tune to me that the second I got out of bed he sat up to make sure everything was ok. I told him it was fine and I went to the bathroom. The pain was awful though, so I took some meds and went to settle on the couch when my brother called. He was worried it was too early but I ensured him I was already awake. When he asked me what was new I had to break the news to him.
He took it well and then we talked for awhile about him moving to Colorado and how the rest of his summer was going. We went to get off the phone and he got all chocked up. I reassured him I was fine but I knew he took it really hard. The meds hadn’t kicked in yet but my best friend face timed me right after I hung up with my brother so I picked that up. He showed me what his girls had got him for Father’s Day and then we talked a little more. By the time he hung up I was beat. I put my phone down and went to turn on the couch since I was just kneeling on it leaning against the back and the next thing I knew an hour had passed. I had passed out. This became a theme of the day, me going to get up or changing a channel and passing out cold.
Around 10 an edible arrangement came from Kae and Sheils. It was so welcome because the boyfriend didn’t want to leave me to go get food for breakfast so we chowed down on that. It also came with a bear I named Guacamole. I left it on the counter and the next thing I knew little kitty was carrying it around. Since he stole my Valentines one already I took it and put it up on the shelf. Another edible arrangement came from my VP which was all chocolate covered fruit. It was pretty fantastic but I was so tired and drugged out that I just ended up sleeping and not eating it while the boyfriend chowed down again.
photo 1
It came time for me to wash my face that night before I went to bed. I was in constant pain the whole day and couldn’t bend my neck to wash it. The boyfriend brought into the bathroom a huge mixing bowl filled with warm water and I dunked my face in, soaped up and dunked it in again while he held the bowl there for me. I smiled at him so grateful that he was there. I went to bed with the promising thought that the next day I was going to shower and we were going to leave the apartment. Spending the whole day on the couch drugged out was hard on me emotionally, I wanted to be better but the motto that the doctor and the boyfriend kept telling me was “rest is repair”.

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