Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

This was one of those weekends where when Sunday rolled around I felt like I had been on a mini vacation and I was so bummed that I had to go back to work. The weekend kicked off Friday when the boyfriend and I headed down to the Cape. We got there a little after 8:30 and had dinner with his family, then after a few drinks I went to bed exhausted. Saturday morning I was up a little before 9 and on the porch drinking coffee and people watching.

photo 1

The weather was beautiful and I knew that people were going to want to go to the beach, so I stopped drinking coffee and put on clothes for a run. I know I’ve said it before but the path to run is so beautiful, it is a mile and a half long with tons of shade and gorgeous views.

photo 3 photo 2

The best part is though most of it cars aren’t allowed so you don’t have to worry about staying to the side of the road the whole time.

photo 4

After my run we headed off to the beach for the afternoon, I was playing in the waves and relaxing on the sand. A quick lunch and an ice cream cone later we headed back to the house to play in the yard. Badminton and ladder golf while I enjoyed a Spark because I was started to get sleepy. I then went to catch up on some blogs but the boyfriend was having none of that so we took a quick bike ride on the path.

The next morning I was up and everyone wanted to go to the Falmouth Road Race, so I put on my shoes and jogged down to get the run in. The people at the finish line were great and it was motivating to see all the runners come through. So motivating in fact I might actually want to run it next year, we shall see as the time comes closer but I liked this 7 mile run before.

photo 5

After another stop at the beach we packed up and headed home to laundry and vacuuming. I was sad this weekend was over and am in desperate need of a vacation!


What did you do this weekend?


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