Dill and Garlic Dip

Good morning blends and happy Wednesday! It’s a raining one here in Boston but that is ok because I bought a new raincoat and I get to wear it. It’s also Wednesday which means it’s time for another “what I ate Wednesday”I’m linking up with Jen over at Peas and Crayons where you can see what others are also eating. I highly suggest checking it out!

Peas and Crayons

This weekend was a lot of dinning out, I had leftovers from Friday’s dinner, Saturday’s breakfast and Sunday takeout. So Monday was a full day of eating purely leftovers all day. It was so nice to just have food already made for me though that it made the leftovers a real treat. When Tuesday rolled around the only thing I had left in the fridge still was some of the fruit bowl here. So I dumped it into the magic bullet along with some coconut milk and made a smoothie for breakfast.

photo 1

I normally like to chew my breakfast so smoothies aren’t always the best option for me. It leaves me very unsatisfied and looking for something else pretty soon after. Luckily the work day was busy so the next thing I knew it was lunch time. I won’t bore you with another tuna sandwich picture, but that was lunch with a side of cauliflower.

Fish though has been what my body is craving big time. I had it almost 5 times last week between lunch and dinner and this week I’ve already had it twice. I don’t know why, but I can’t get enough of it right now. Which leads me to dinner. I had a plan that I was going to buy a zucchini and some fish and serve it with some couscous that I already had at home. So I went to my beloved Whole Foods and there was zip zero zucchini.  I saw a huge bin of okra though and remembered how much we loved the okra fries I made last summer so I filled up a huge bag then got some salmon.

Once home and making dinner I just wasn’t in a ketchup mood for my okra, so I decided to whip up a dip. This all stems from last week when I was having buffalo chicken and went to get some greek yogurt to put on top, normally I buy the fat free kind and thought that I was grabbing just that. I didn’t though, I picked up some full fat Fage yogurt. People let me tell you, going from non fat to full fat is a HUGE difference. I couldn’t get enough of the yogurt, like licking my dipping cup clean good. So now when possible I try to incorporate a little of it into my meal. There will be no going back I fear. So with fish on the menu and needing a dipping sauce I made a greek with dill and garlic sauce. Again so great, again I ran my finger along the cup to get the last of it out.

photo 2

I wish my dinner was just okra and the dill dip! I ate all that and then went to the salmon to eat. The best part friends is that it is so easy to make, all you need is dry dill, garlic powder and greek yogurt. I used 1/4 cup of greek yogurt and then probably about a tsp of garlic powder and a tsp of dill. I didn’t measure just added and tasted then adjusted. That’s it! Tonight I’m having potatoes with dinner and guess what I’ll be topping them with…

A look at my macros, still need help in that iron department. Looks like there will be beets in my future

photo 4 photo 3

Do you eat full fat or non fat? I use to be 100% non fat. Fat was bad and fat was the enemy. Now with more research that is coming out I’m not so strict about it. Fat makes you feel satisfied and healthy fats are good for the heart! 


5 thoughts on “Dill and Garlic Dip”

    1. Isn’t it amazing how satisfied you feel with full fat? As long as they are healthy fats I’m all for them now.

  1. I’m all about the full fat! The more, the better – especially with yogurt. If I’m going to spend my money on it I would rather it be full fat over full with fillers to make up for the lost fat.

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