Treat Yourself Tuesday

I’m long overdue in sharing some of the treats I’ve had these past few weeks. I think the main thing is I haven’t really been doing much in terms of treating, it’s really busy at work so just going through the motions is more along the lines of what I’ve been doing. I did manage to do a few good things though which I’ll share with you  now. If you are new to Treat Yourself Tuesday view my opinion on it here, then head over to the founders page, Becky at Olives n Wine to check out her views and her treats.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

First up is our new duvet! I love it, of course since it is stripes, and love how clean our room looks because of this.

photo 3


Our old one was all white and it was over 3 years old. With two people and a kitty who sleep in that bed it was beyond the bleach to get clean. I do miss how soft the old one was, but the new one has already won me over. Now if I can just get a new bedroom that allows me to open the shutters so I can have tons of natural light #firstfloorproblems.

Next up on the treats are all the wonderful beverages I’ve been drinking. If you follow me on instagram you have probably seen the multitude of beverages I’ve been consuming over the past few weeks. Trying new to me styles of beer has become a hobby and I’m loving it, I save it mostly for the weekends when it is relax time.

photo 2

Speaking over beverages, it was one of those weeks (ok months summers) and I needed something to pick me up in the middle of the week. I didn’t really know what would do it until I started driving to work and got an urge.

photo 1

Double Starbucks for the win. There is nothing like a great coffee to bump up your day.

Last but not least, actually probably what I needed most, is the relaxing I have been doing. From going to the beach with my family to coming home and just watching TV/playing with the iPad for a few hours. Just the time to not do anything has really been great on my mentally.

photo 5

That and eating/exercising has really turned my mood around.

Nothing too fancy, but definitely needed.

What have you been doing for yourself lately? 


3 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday”

  1. Have you tried using the app Untappd to track your new beers? You can get suggestions for others you might like based on what you are currently drinking.

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