Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

What a great summer weekend I had! I think this is one of the first weekends where it has really finally felt like summer. It started with a long day in RI meeting new wholesalers and going out to see some of the retailers. I got home around 2 and worked the rest of the day with this little man keeping me company.

photo 1

He loves his mama home and couldn’t stop coming over to sit in my lap and bump heads and then go back to his chair and clean himself. Finally the boyfriend came home from work so I put my computer away and we went to play a quick game of tennis before our dinner reservations. He had made them and planned it himself so I was a tad worried it would be another Italian place, but when we showed up I was in heaven.

Ecco in Boston served up a mix of different foods, from fresh fish, to duck to pasta. The drink list was extensive and the pours were strong. I was craving vegetables the second we got in so when I saw the beet and goat cheese salad I knew the boyfriend and I wouldn’t be sharing an appetizer. Not many people like beets, I happened to love them though and could have eaten about four more of these salads.

photo 2

The combination of the earthy beets, with the rich creamy goat cheese, peppery arugula and sweet balsamic glaze was like heaven. For my main dish I got some lobster risotto which was also fantastic but the salad stole the show for me. The next morning we needed to drop his car off to be serviced so we did that then he again found a place for us to eat brunch.

Sound Bites in Somerville was packed and loud when we got there but the wait was only about 5 minutes. They had a self serve drink policy if it wasn’t alcoholic so the second we put in our orders I made a beeline for the coffee bar. I almost grabbed pumpkin spice, but it is still a little too early so I went for the raspberry truffle and downed my cup. While we were waiting for our brunch a small fruit plate came out that the boyfriend ordered so we started to munch on it. Then a few minutes latter another fruit plate came out, I guess the first one is just a free fruit plate that you get the one he ordered was massive.

photo 3

We munched on a few bites but didn’t want to spoil our brunch so we got this to go and it was breakfast for me in a smoothie the next day. After brunch we ran a few errands, cleaned up the apartment a little bit and did four loads of laundry and went for a run. After my run I was craving a beer so I treated myself to a little Saturday afternoon drink.

photo 4

It was then time to get ready and head over to where I use to live to hang out with his college roommate  and his girlfriend. We had a great dinner outside and then went out for a few more drinks which turned into me not going to bed until after 1! So unlike me now but an accurate flashback to my life pre boyfriend.

Sunday we were up nice and early to meet my mama at the beach for her birthday. A quick ride up and we were on the beach in Maine for the day. Playing in the waves and playing on the beach.

photo 5


The day was beautiful and I couldn’t believe when it was already 2:30 and the boyfriend and I had to get ready to head back home. He had to drive to Syracuse that night so I didn’t want him on the road too late, even still he didn’t get into his hotel until almost 11. After I got a call that he was ok I passed out, exhausted from the day at the beach and the wonderful weekend.


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