What’s Making Me Happy

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “What’s Making Me Happy” and to be honest that is because I’ve been really stressed and just down. Starting Monday though I have been making an effort to really be aware of what I’m eating and putting in my body, getting lots of exercise and just letting go a little. It has really helped. Last night I called my mom on the drive home and we were chatting, I told her I couldn’t see any “grandma clouds” and we thought that perhaps she might be suntanning in the Bermuda Triangle or something. She wasn’t! So the big thing that’s making me happy this week is the run I had yesterday.

I got home and the boyfriend wanted to play tennis, I wanted to run though so he said he would do a mile with me. We started out and got probably a block away and all of a sudden the skies opened up, like baseball size raindrops were coming down and the streets started to run with rain rivers. We ducked into a doorway and waited it out for a few minutes.

photo 1

It completely stopped a few minutes later and we were on our way. I wanted to go for a longer run than he did so we broke off halfway and I was solo. A few minutes later it started to lightly rain again. It was so beautiful with the rain coming down and the sun shining.

photo 2

As I rounded the corner I saw this

photo 3

That’s when I knew someone was trying to tell me that in fact they weren’t suntanning but still hanging out watching over me. Message received.

It was such a perfect evening, I’m so happy I’m starting to feel better and things are improving in my life. Fingers crossed that continues!

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