Stitch Fix Review

Oh Stitch Fix, we were having such a good run, you were sending me tons of stuff I loved and I was buying it with some moderation. Then these last two boxes have just been fails. The box before I didn’t like any of it, this box I loved all of it until I tried it on.

Let’s start at the beginning, if you are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix it is an awesome service that sends you clothes that are styled just for you. When you sign up (totally free to sign up) you fill out an extensive profile on what kind of styles you like and what kind of clothes you are looking for. It can be anywhere from “send me only shirts for work” to “I’ll take whatever” Then when you are ready you ask for a fix, this is $20 and they send you a box of five different things to try on in your own home with style cards. Everything has a price on it there too so whatever you decide to buy you keep, everything else you send back. If you keep anything you can use the $20 you paid as a credit, if you keep all 5 things you get 25% off your total order.

Ok back to the story, so I asked for all dresses, I am in need of some new dresses since the ones I’m wearing I bought when I first started working 9+ years ago. When the box came I was so excited, there were two dresses that I was so sure I was going to love. I took them home and tried everything on.

photo 1


I loved the pattern on this dress. It was so unique and so fun. I loved it out of the box and was so excited to try it on. Yet the second I did I realized this would be a weekend dress, it was just too short to wear to work the way it creeped up my thigh. I was so sad too since this would have been the perfect work dress, but in a male dominated company I keep my hemlines a little lower. #Iamgettingold

photo 2

Second dress, again super cute but way too short! I loved the peach color and the beading around the neckline, I just didn’t love how it exposed way too much leg.

photo 3

I liked this skirt, but I own three maxi skirts already and one is white and black, to get a gray and black one seemed a little excessive.

photo 4

SERIOUSLY?! I’m not even going to show the back but the boyfriend made the comment “ooo maybe this is a wear around the house dress” I don’t need to comment why I didn’t keep this one, the picture says it all.

So that was my fix this time. I didn’t fit into the last dress, but it had a pattern that reminded me of what silver-haired ladies wore so I wasn’t upset I didn’t get to fully try it on. I think I need a break from a fix for awhile, I’m not where I want to be weight wise or body shape and that could have a lot to do with why I’m not liking clothes right now.

I leave you with this image of kitty waiting for the boyfriend to come home.

photo 5





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