The Skin Cancer Chronicles – Nerves

I was going to bring you a weekend recap, but my phone died early Saturday morning with zero charger so I have no pictures from the weekend on the Cape. Sorry. 

Since I have found out about the cancer I have been unable to keep my mind away from it for long. In the past few days though it has gone into my subconscious and I’ll find myself being nervous and not realizing what’s up for a few seconds. Like just recently I was doing a math problem for work and my heart started to pound and I started to get anxious. It would be pretty dorky if math had that effect on me, but it doesn’t. So I took two seconds and did a few deep breaths. Reassuring myself that in a few days this part will be behind me.

Later on I spoke with an old coworker and she informed me that she actually had has this too when we worked together. What? She said that not only did she have it but that she was perfectly fine and even goes out in the sun without fear. I asked if she took her kids to the beach and she in fact did, just put a hat on and had an umbrella.

I know everyone’s story is different, but this just gave me hope that hopefully my story can be like hers. Still didn’t calm the nervous or anxious feelings that kept popping up throughout the days.


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