Treat Yourself Tuesday

Hello friends! I hope everyone made it through Monday, I know I sure had a rough start but three cups of coffee later I was doing ok. When it came time to write up this post I was having a hard time thinking of treats I had given myself but then a few came to me. So I’m going to link up with Becky over at Olives n Wine to show you the ways I’ve been good to myself this past week.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

The best one by far was Wednesday night date night with Allie and Mia. We headed over to Toro because the ladies hadn’t tried it yet. I love Toro and have been there twice, I think my favorite part is the interesting things they do with seafood. It was so good to see them and catch up, it was also great that they came to eat as I got to try a multitude of different things. We had a number of different dishes but three things stole the show for me, I only got a picture of one. The first was the Moscow Mule, it was phenomenal. It is tricky to get a place to get the right balance, too much of one ingredient and the drink just isn’t spot on. The second star was the Tuna tartar, which was a combination of tuna, red onions, fresh herbs, citrus and coconut milk. I thought the coconut milk would make it too sweet or taste weird. Wrong on all accounts, I could have eaten about three times the amount they put down. Lastly the corn. I am known to love my corn but this stuff was out of this world. It was grilled until most places had a dark char, then smothered in aioli, spices, and cheese. It was beyond decadent.


The second thing was a trip to the salon on Saturday. I looked in the mirror on Friday and realized my hair was due so luckily my hairdresser was able to get me in the next day. I love going there and we always talk while he works away so I don’t get bored at all. The only downside is he is the one who washes my hair the majority of the time and not the girls at the station since I have so much hair. He just washes it while they give head massages which I love. I know it is better to have completely clean hair than the head massage but….

Lastly was a home mani on Sunday night. My nails were all sorts of gross and I just don’t have time to get to the salon right now. So I picked a wonderful summer color from my huge selection and did them myself while the boyfriend was watching TV. I think they scream summer.


Should have gotten that shot a little further back huh! You can see all my errors.

That is it for now, my big treat this week will be a new duvet cover. I have had the same one for so long now and it is getting a tad gross. I’m thinking about this one

Rugby Stripe Duvet Cover, Twin, Light Gray
Minus the monogram pillow!


How have you been treating yourself? Thoughts on the duvet? 


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