My Grandma

I lost my grandma 18 days ago. Though I’m still very sad about it, I’m becoming more at peace as I know she is always in my heart and watching over me. Today is her birthday and I’m thinking especially hard about her. Things I will always remember about my grandma.
  • Her love of music. From my earliest memories I always remember her loving music and loving people who played music. It didn’t matter what it was as long as it could be played she wanted to listen to it.
  • Peaches in a hanging basket in her kitchen every summer
  • Her love of being active, from bike riding to running to walking. She loved being on the go. Even when she could hardly walk she would take her walker and do laps around the nursing home.
  • She had a smile that would light up the world, she didn’t give it up easy but when she did it was worth it
  • She was so witty, my favorite is when my mom took her to visit my grandfather who had to be transferred to another home for a stint. It wasn’t the nicest area and when she got out of the car she remarked “well no one is going to accuse them of being pretentious.
  • Her love of traveling. I always remember cool pictures and stories from all the countries she and my grandfather visited. She loved seeing the world.
  • How proud she was of her family. She would brag whenever we would visit with her to all the people around about her family.
  • Her generosity to her family, she was always giving when I visited her, from asking if I wanted coffee or tea to bringing me into her room to give me a cookie from her secret stash. I say with her family though…grandma wasn’t as generous to non family members 🙂
  • She loved big fluffy cotton ball clouds and always claimed that The Berkshires, where she lived had the best. Now when I see them I know she is saying hi.photo 1 photo 2
The most important was her love of my grandpa. She had a funny way of showing it, but she made him her whole world. From being a navy wife for countless years moving from Hawaii to Japan to Maryland, it never phased her and she did it without a single word of complaint. In her later years she would always nag him, but it wasn’t because she hated him, it was because that is the way she showed she cared.
I knew that without him she was lost, she wouldn’t speak of his death and when my cousin said she wanted to name her baby after him she refused. My grandfather was her whole world and when she lost him she lost herself. Now they can be together again, traveling the world and ever present in their children and grandchildren’s lives.
Grandpa’s been walking the trail and kicking the stone by himself for a year and a half, he was finally ready for you to walk beside him.

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