Every Move

I’m an app junkie, I’m a fitness enthusiast, and I’m completely type A. So when I was approached to review the new app Every Move I decided to give it a shot. Throughout the years I have been tracking my activities on many different apps from Weight Watchers to Livestrong, each one has really focused on how much my activity affords me to consume. To put more simply, how many miles do I have to clock to get that cake. Though that is helpful, I want to try and break the mindset that I workout or am active to eat. I workout because I love the feeling of a good sweat, I workout to make my body strong, I workout to clear my head after a long day and I workout so I can stick around just a little while longer.

In comes Every Move, they have created an app that is just tracking your fitness. photo 1

Where every time you do something active you log it into the app. Pretty cool huh, you can see what days are more active and you can reflect on how you felt those days. Not enough for you to want to try the app? Well how about I tell you that when you accumulate points you get coupons off items you select? Hopefully I have your full attention now. That’s right, different healthy companies have paired with Every Move and allow you to work towards different rewards.

photo 3

Currently right now I’m working towards $30 off Fit shoes by Skora. I can’t have enough sneakers! Just ask my boyfriend and his awe of how many different running and training shoes I have. There are a few things I’m not too fond of though about this app. The first is there is a “leader board” where you can compare your fitness levels to other people.

photo 2

I know a little competition is good, but I think it should be about beating your personal best. “Comparison is the thief of Joy” -Theodore Roosevelt. I’m happy that more people are getting out and getting active, but I don’t like that you are ranked. The second part I’m frustrated with are the badges. The other day I put in my tennis activity and this popped up.

photo 5

What?! What is this thing? How do I get more of them? I went to the badge page and I couldn’t figure it out. So I looked on their website and they said ” While we show you a list of possible badges, we don’t disclose exactly how you get them. We think of badges as a fun way to reward activities that fall outside the every day world of points and rewards. However, when a friend earns a badge, you will be able to see what they had to do to earn it.” Show me now!!!! That’s just me being a total brat and wanting to know what to do to get the badge instead of just getting out there and doing things. 

Not too many negatives with this app and the positive parts more than outweigh them. There is nothing like getting a very active burning heart to make you feel fit that day! photo 4


Every move is a free app that you can download to use as well if you would like!

Mobile app for iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id563721483
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.everymove.everymove

Please note: I was asked to do this review. I got nothing in return and all opinions and screen shots are my own. 

Are you more motivated by comparing to your personal best or someone else? Personal all the way baby! 


2 thoughts on “Every Move”

    1. oh my gosh you would probably have everything on there the way you have been going beast mode! I can’t even believe all the workouts you have been posting!

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