The Skin Cancer Chronicles – Connecting

One of the main things I am getting out of telling people is that I really don’t talk to my friends on the phone enough. I called Krisha today to tell her and when we started to talk I realized that I hadn’t actually heard her voice in months, perhaps even more than 6 months. It was sad, to have gone from talking to someone constantly while in grad school to not as much after made me realize I need to do a better job of seeing my friends.

I see a set of girlfriends almost always, not because I love them more than the others (I love you all!) but because they are convenient to see so we see each other more. Now I wouldn’t expect to have weekly dates with all of them, we all have lives, but to see them more is something that I need to start working on and it needs to happen now. Telling people sucks, but realizing that you need to reach out to people more is a great eye opener.

One of the positives of this is that after I heal up I plan on seeing everyone on this list a lot more.


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