Weekend Recap

After a long week in St. Louis for work I had a really relaxing weekend. I knew I wanted to get outside and move since I was stuck in meetings for 12+ hours all week, so that was a top priority for the weekend. Friday night I flew in and the boyfriend picked me up at the airport. He was dying to play tennis since we hadn’t all week, so we went to the courts for about an hour. Coming home I didn’t want to go out to dinner I just wanted to relax so we went to the store to pick up a few things for a home cooked meal. I went outside quickly to get something and was pleasantly surprised to see that my flowers had bloomed.

photo 11 photo 1

They smell amazing! Saturday I had a wax appointment and then headed to the gym to do a quick 5k on the treadmill. I was going to run outside but I forgot my sunscreen and I wasn’t confident I was hydrated enough to run without water right there. I didn’t run as hard as I wanted so after the gym I went home and did a deck of cards workout. Then the boyfriend and I grabbed a late lunch and then checked out some new outlets that just opened by us. Which much to the boyfriends amazement they have a Lego Discovery zone.

photo 2

I’ll share my purchases tomorrow! Then it was time to head over to WHOs apartment to watch baby Quin while they went on their first dinner date sans baby.

photo 3
I have so many photos of her, but since she isn’t my baby to share online I’ll share her little feet. So cute, I could just hold her all day!

I thought the boyfriend was going to be bored, but I was so happy to find he was enamored with the baby. He asked to hold her so many times and kept touching her and saying “she is so soft, her skin is so perfect”. She was a perfect little baby and the two hours flew by for us, I’m sure they seemed like eternity for mama though. After we had a drink with them we left them to get ready for bed and we went out for a late dinner. Around 11 we headed back home and smiled when we looked up to see all the lights off in WHO’s apartment.

Sunday we packed up the bikes and headed to a park to do a 6 mile loop. Oh my lord was this tough! We were both drenched in sweat by the time we were done.

photo 4

I had so much fun though and if the boyfriends bike tires didn’t look low I would have gone further. The temperature was perfect and each time we stopped for a water break we had to admire the scenery and the birds chirping, so peaceful. After we got home and showered we decided to go and get some drinks on a patio, so we headed to a Mexican restaurant and got a few margaritas. They were delicious and I gulped both of mine down.

photo1 2 photo 5

The next thing I knew it was time to unwind with dinner and wrap up our weekend. I felt like it just flew by and when the alarm went off this morning I was exhausted. Good thing I get another weekend in 5 days!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!


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