Boilermaker Weekend

Oh my lord, another Boilermaker weekend in the books and I am beat. Like on my second cup of coffee and my eyes are still heavy beat. Hopefully this post will wake me up a little bit and I can power through my day.

The weekend started off with a long drive to Utica, NY. It is only about four and a half hours away from where I live, but with the traffic I was in the car for almost 6 hours. I got out and went in to catch up with Erin and her family. A glass of red wine was poured and the next thing I knew it was two in the morning.

photo 11

I had way too many glasses and the next morning I was feeling the effects. I didn’t go to the kids run like I normally do and I slept in. I then got up and still felt a little off so I took a power nap and when Erin came back with Holly from the train station I was refreshed and ready to hang out. We all went out to hang out by the pool.

photo 14


I stayed in the shade for awhile until my sunscreen dried and then got in the pool with Holly where we caught up. It got to be a little too much sun after awhile though so I took my towel and laid it in the grassy shade. Erin came to hang out for a bit and chat with Holly and I.

photo 12

Then I laid on my back and looked at the clouds like I use to do when I was little while the ladies sat in the sunshine.

photo 13


After awhile we all got ready to go get our pasta dinners for the race tomorrow. Let’s be honest, I was running 3 miles, I could have just had a salad, but where is the fun in that. Since we all had to be up at 5:30 we went to bed pretty early. I laid out my clothes for the race the next day.

photo 15

I knew the long sleeve shirt was going to be hot! Better hot than sunburnt though. I then tried to fall asleep, but like all other Boilermaker weekends I just don’t sleep well the night before. Didn’t matter though because I didn’t have to trek 9 miles, I can run three pretty much with zero training.

I was actually really excited when I woke up to go to the race. Three miles is a fun distance! I walked with Erin’s mom to the start of the race and was shocked at how many people there were!

photo 22photo2 3

Guess the lady in front of me was sleepy!

The race was so easy, the crowed was huge the whole way and I ran with zero music just taking in the sights and remembering how dead I was when I reached this place in the longer run. It felt like it was seconds (actually a little over 30 minutes) and I was done and at the finish line. I walked to find water and found something better.

photo 4

I waited for the rest of the 5k group to show up and then I headed back up to stand with the family on the sidelines so I could see the leaders run through. Something I had never seen because I was normally on mile 3 when they finished.

photo 1photo 2

Their pace was fast, but it didn’t look that fast, until I watched them spot the finish line. The high gear they kick it into at that point is amazing. I couldn’t even believe it, the pace they ran past me was their cruising pace, which would be my all out sprint pace. We waited until we had cheered all our friends along and then headed to the after-party. It was cut short this year because of storms they thought were going to  come through, but that was ok with me. I didn’t want to be out in the glaring sun that whole time. I did have protection from it.

photo 3


But it is still really hot! The weekend came to a close for me around 2 when I headed on home. I only hit about 30 minutes of delays in traffic which is better than the 2 hours I had the year before.

I can’t wait until next year for this awesome weekend! I’m hoping I’m in a little better shape which means I have to lay off these babies!

photo2 1

Do you have a race you have done multiple times? This is my 8th year in a row of coming and running at the Boilermaker. This is the first year I didn’t do the full 9 miles though. I also ran the Rock and Roll half marathon twice and the CVS half marathon twice. 


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