Stitch Fix

Happy Friday my friends. This week was a long week for me and I’m so happy I get two days off. I’m going to be going to Utica, NY this weekend to run the 5k in the Boilermaker. (See last years recap here) This weekend is something I need to calm me down a little bit, when it rains it pours WHO said and it has really been pouring on me these past few months.

Since I don’t really have anything that is making me happy to share (I could write a few things but have no pictures and that is a little boring) I’m going to give a recap of my Stitch Fix this past week.

photo 2

It was all shirts this time except for one pair of earrings. I think I have bought enough shirts these past few weeks so I wasn’t that excited, but I liked the way all of them looked on the style card so I thought I would at the very least try them on.

photo 12

First up was this sheer navy blue and white shirt. I loved the idea of it, but it wasn’t 100% sold on it. When I showed it to the boyfriend he goes “looks like a cow on you” to which after the look I gave him he explained that I did not look like a cow but the print looked like a cow. Le Sigh. So it was out.

photo 4

Next up was this red sleeveless blouse. I liked the color and wasn’t hating the shirt but I didn’t 100% love it. It was almost $50 though and a silk material. I don’t iron and I don’t spend that much money on shirts I’m not in love with.

photo 3

Next up was this striped shirt. Yes I loved it. Yes I wanted to keep it, but I had just bought a striped tank top a few weeks ago and I couldn’t justify two striped tank tops, especially when this one was $48.

photo 1

I really wanted to like this shirt. It looked so summery and reminded me of watermelons. Yet I couldn’t tell if it was cute or looked like a muumuu. So I hemmed and hawed and then posted on instagram the shirt to get opinions. I got a few yes and few no. The boyfriend wasn’t in love with it so I said forget it. If I am taking this long to figure out if I like it I won’t be wearing it that much.

photo 11

These were the earrings that came with it. They were a little too long and a little too heavy for my liking. I didn’t take them out of the box because I didn’t want to get any germs on them since I knew I wasn’t buying them when I saw the length. Weird, I know, but I hope any earrings I get people do the same thing.

So everything went back, sort of sad I lost the $20 styling fee, but so much better than spending more money to get something I wasn’t in love with. I asked for more summer dresses in my next fix. I only have a few I wear now and want some more.

Have you done Stitch Fix? Yes obviously

What is your favorite thing you have gotten if you have? Probably my tank top here



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