What I’ve Been Eating

I’ve been eating some pretty phenomial food this past week, this is wonderful on so many levels but sad on two: 1. I forgot was sick of having my phone on me and left it off for a weekend so there are zero pictures. 2. My pants are sooo tight! Coming out of the long weekend I was practicing what I’ve read on other blogs and not having food shame but just moving on and eating some balanced meals. I’m linking up with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons to bring you some of my eats since I’ve been back from the long weekend.

Peas and Crayons

Breakfasts the past three days have all been the same. Pretty patriotic if I do say so myself.

photo 2

So easy to make / transport and it fills me up in under 200 calories! It is simply a 1/4 cup of Fat Free (preferably organic) Greek Yogurt with blueberries and sliced strawberries on top and then 1/3 a cup of KIND granola I picked up. It is a peanut butter granola so it gives this a little peanut butter and jelly taste.

Lunch for two days has been boring salads but one day I did go to Whole Foods and get a half tuna half chicken salad sandwich packed with veggies.

photo 1

I couldn’t make up my mind so I got both. I like it but I still love the other sandwich from there so much more with pesto, goat cheese and chicken. I  mean come on, how are you going to compete with pesto and goat cheese!?

Dinner last night was leftover Chinese food from Sunday night. I hate times like a million bajillion throwing away food, so I told the boyfriend we were going to finish it off for dinner. He got all the chicken and white rice so I took the little fried rice that was left and beefed it up.

photo 3

Actually I broccolied it up. We had about a cup of the rice leftover, which was a good base but wouldn’t fill me up, so I took a head of broccoli and cut it up into small pieces and tossed it in a large frying pan to cook. After about 5 minutes it had started to soften so I added the rice so it would heat up. That took a few minutes as well, ones it started to get soft again I moved it to the side and scrambled two egg whites in the pan, when they started to firm I mixed everything together and let it cook for about a minute longer. The result was  huge bowl of mostly broccoli disguised at fried rice. Delicious!

The boyfriend and I also went out and got frozen yogurt, but I forgot to take a picture as I ate it in probably four bites. Sorry I’m not sorry, it was that good!

Do you eat leftovers? Yes almost always. 

Do you disguise veggies to get more into your diet? Not as much as I would like. Need more recipes to do this!! <— Help! 


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Eating”

  1. I love leftovers! So convenient when you don’t have time to come up with a meal or if you feel too lazy to cook! And your breakfast is one of my all-time favorite! Except I don’t have any Masson jar.. I bet it tastes even better in these 😉

    1. Please tell me they have mason jars in Canada. If not I’m sending you some now! I can’t believe you love leftovers, your eats always look so fresh and newly prepared, I’m always so jealous.

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