Rest and Relaxation

Welcome back friends! I hope everyone had an amazing long weekend and you didn’t get rained out. Friday for us was a tad rainy but the rest of the weekend was beautiful. Like most Tuesdays, today is another edition of Treat Yourself Tuesday, hosted by Becky over at Olives ‘n Wine 

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

My largest treat this past weekend was putting the phone away. So if I didn’t text you or answer your calls I’m sorry, but I took the weekend just to disconnect and live outside of the screen. There were a few TV shows and few times I played a few games with the boyfriend on his ipad but other than that nothing. It was pretty amazing to just pick up my book or my magazine or just sit around and talk to people. This might become a weekend thing! The second thing that I really treated myself to was a bike.

photo 1

It’s nothing special, I got it at Wal Mart of all places but I love it. I rode it all weekend around the Cape. The boyfriend and I bought them on Friday and after he fixed my seat it was almost impossible to get me off it. Even when it was down pouring I was still on the trail riding. I am obsessed and cannot wait to ride it more in the coming weekends this summer.

Good food and great drinks were also a treat I had this past week. We tried so many great things while we were on the Cape, my favorite was a Mexican place with these huge watermelon margaritas.

Last thing I treated myself to that wasn’t rest and relaxation was this cute wine guy.

photo 2

I found him in one of the shops and had to have him. Not only do I love skiing but I love wine so this guy was so perfect for me. The boyfriend was a little wary that his girlfriend might start buying nick knacks but he doesn’t need to worry, I just couldn’t pass him up though!

I hope everyone had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and the start of the week has been kind to you!


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