The Skin Cancer Chronicles – My Mama

My mom and I always joke that she has some sort of wire that taps into my emotions. She knows when something in my life isn’t going well, she calls it the spidey sense where she all of a sudden just starts thinking about me a lot. So it came as no surprise when I got an email this morning saying “I’ve been thinking about you Love Your Mama” Yep her senses must be going nuts right now and she must be wondering why I haven’t called. I responded with “I’ve been thinking of you too” which is totally true, just not the whole picture.

Mama I know you are reading this now and I am sorry. I am sure you have been feeling off for the whole week now and are unsure why. I promise you I’m ok, I am being taken care of and everything is going to be fine. Hopefully next time your senses go nutso it is for a good reason!

I love you to the moon and beyond and just know that when I am ready you will know.


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