Weekend Recap

Kaelyn’s Wedding Part 2

Well this is very overdue (sorry Kae) but I want to recap the second part of Kaelyn’s wedding. We left off here, where she had just left the house to do first looks with Paul. I think when she left there was a collective sigh of relief. Like a bunch of mama hens sending their baby off. We could relax a little, we had over an hour to literally put on our dresses, so champagne and beers were poured and we all just sat for a second. People were still signing a picture for Kaelyn.

photo 12

All her bridesmaids kissed the white frame around it and then signed their name. My kiss looked awful! It looks like an open mouth blah, her youngest cousins was by far the best one.

We then put on our dresses and the ladies all chose their bouquets. I chose one that I thought was so pretty with all the white flowers.

photo 01

A shuttle then showed up and took us to the venue where Kaelyn and her future husband were already waiting for us.



The wedding location was absolutely beautiful. It was so personal and so perfect for them. I was a tad nervous to walk down the grass in high heels but if the bride could do it then I sure as heck could too.

photo 03

Before I knew it the wedding was starting and we were all walking down the isle waiting for Kaelyn. She looked gorgeous and the wedding that she and her husband planned was so amazing. They selected the readings, the vows and what the officiant would say, then when they were done they got into a vintage car and drove away. It was beautiful.

Everyone headed back to the club house to get the party started with a cocktail hour with some pretty amazing food. My favorites were the mini spring rolls. We then headed upstairs for dinner where there were these cards on every table.

photo 31

Still gives me chills reading it. Her centerpieces were also so pretty. I loved how they weren’t over the top.

photo 02

Speeches were made, including one by the groom which was so sweet and then dinner was served. While waiting for dinner tons of pictures were taken including one by the boyfriend where I look naked.

photo 41

I promise I kept on all my clothing on! After dinner we all went down for some dancing and celebrating, then we headed back to our house to keep the party going. Around 12 I was just beat so the boyfriend and I called it a night, but I know we went to bed about 4 hours before the rest of the party really died down.


The next day Shelia, her boyfriend, the boyfriend, and I went and got brunch and then the boyfriend and I hit the road for home.

It was a magical weekend, one that I’ll remember for a very long time.

Congratulations Mrs. Brennan.


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