Treat Yourself Tuesday

Boy do I love Treat Yourself Tuesday, well I love leading up to it all the awesome things that I do for myself. Lately I haven’t been treating myself to material things, I have been treating myself in terms of letting my life slow down a little bit and not get too discouraged. I would love to say that I have been totally zen about it and let the slow down wash over me and enjoy resting, recuperating, and realigning my priorities. Folks I am not a zen person, it has been pretty tough and doesn’t seem like a treat, more like torture. This week was different, I said “eff this noise” and ditched that mentality. I have been about 50/50 in being able to deal with this. Half the time I’m all “I’m woman hear me roar, watch out world” and half the time I’m texting Sheils and Kae completely falling apart. Luckily they are two strong ass women who not only pick me up and dust me off but shove me in the right direction.Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

So in honor of going in the right direction, or the more normal Ashley direction my treats this week are all material! I’m linking up with Becky over at Olives ‘n Wine who shares my addiction passion for shopping as well.

photo 3
Mizuno Wave Runners

First on the list were new running shoes. The ones I bought at the outlet store a few months ago just weren’t cutting it so I went back to Marathon Sports in Boston and ended up getting the same style of shoe that I ran all my half marathons in many moons ago. They feel like extensions to my feet and I’m so happy to be back in them. A bonus, they also started coming out with fun colors instead of the boring ones they use to have.photo 1

Then I went to Target where I bought some new coffee. I have heard rave reviews about this stuff on multiple blogs and have always been jealous that I missed the season to buy it. So when I saw it on the shelf again it made its way into my basket. If it’s good I’ll be going back to get a few more before they run out.photo 2

I also needed some new face soap. I’m weird and like to have one in the shower and then one on my sink.  I don’t like to go into the shower to get my face soap, nor do I like to be in the middle of a shower and realize I don’t have any face soap. Odd I know, but it works for me. I wanted to try something a little more natural, so I went with this semi new company. They are more known for “Say Yes to Carrots” as that is their main line, but girlfriend is getting older and needs a little help in the skin tone / wrinkle department.photo 4

Monday my shirts came in from Coolibar which is a company based out of Australia. The company makes all sun protection clothing, so I bought two long sleeve SPF 50+ running shirts for the summer. The name Coolibar comes from the Eucalyptus trees in Australia that provide much needed shade from their harsh rays. I’m in the search for more of these types of items, I know sun screen will work for the basic protection, but I want to feel comfortable running outside in the middle of the day again. I tried the shirt last night (I also got a white one) and though it was a tad hot still it wasn’t that bad. It’s something I can get use to so I can protect myself that is for sure.photo 5

Last treat was last night when I sat down to watch The Leftovers. Folks I don’t know I’m going to like this show, it was a little too odd for me so while the boyfriend continued to watch it I painted my nails all patriotic (let’s see if it can last until Friday!)

That wraps up my week of treats! Hopefully y’all are treating yourself wonderfully as well!


4 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday”

    1. Thanks!! Depends, if I really love the colors they become my weekend throw on shoes for walking and whatnot. If I don’t then I just donate them to NIKE or Good Will, which ever is closer to me at the time.

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