The Skin Cancer Chronicles – The Director of My Office

This morning the Director of Operations in our office asked if he could talk to me. I knew what it was about, and went into the room. When he started telling me that we would get through this, that it was a group effort and our main goal was to make sure I would be fine I started to cry. Oh sweet mary mother of god, I’m crying at work in front of a director. Which only made him nicer, which only made me cry harder. Gosh darnit!

You know for all the bad days I’ve had, to know that the company cares this much about me just makes it seem worth it. Now that the flood gates have opened I am hoping I can pull my shit together today and just plug on. I do know that one of my coworkers has made a comment about avoiding getting her mole removed. I think I’m going to have a little chat with her soon on why that is the worst idea possible.


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