What I Ate Wednesday

Sorry I have been a little MIA this week. These next few weeks are a little hectic, and I’ll try to come on and post as much as possible. My apologies in advance. It’s Wednesday though so it is another round of What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday. Thanks Jenn for hosting this link over at Peas and Crayons!Peas and Crayons

My morning started like it has been lately with a huge mason jar filled with iced coffee.photo 1About 20 minutes after making this my stomach wanted some real food though so I took out the yogurt I had brought from home and threw in some freeze dried organic pineapple.photo 2I love fresh pineapple in yogurt but every time I put it in the yogurt turns into a runny mess. When I saw these at the store I thought they would be good for snacking, yet the tiny bits made it an awkward snack. It works perfectly in yogurt though! Still maintains a little crunch but softens up so you can eat it by the spoonful.

Breakfast held me over for awhile until my stomach started to rumble again, so I heated up some leftover roasted vegetables. These were just vegetables that were going to go bad, so I tossed them with some spices and olive oil and roasted them up for midday snacks.photo 3Luckily I made time to get that snack because I was in meetings until almost 2 in the afternoon. I was famished by the time I got out, so I went and smashed up a half of an avocado with some grilled chicken in a pita. The mixture only filled half the pita so I toasted the other half with some salt and made pita chips for the side.photo 11When the sweet attack hit around 4 I reached for some fresh watermelon. I was pretty proud of myself since there was a ton of candy around the office and the guy next to me even got a Pop Tart! I think I love Pop Tarts, I just haven’t let myself have on in years.photo 22After work I got home and the boyfriend and I went to play an hour of tennis, driving home he asked what I wanted to do for dinner. What I wanted was takeout, what we did was eat the scallops I had defrosted with broccoli and he had some bread on the side. We didn’t have a ton of scallops so I just had a few and then a ton of broccoli with a little cheese on top.photo 13I wasn’t hungry, but craved a freezer pop so I had one of those to round out my night. My mom calls them chem pops but I have been loving them since I was a little girl.photo 4

I am proud of all the fruits and vegetables I got into my diet yesterday, I’m really trying to hit 7 a day but gosh is it hard sometimes!

Do you manage to get a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet? How?


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