Cirque Du Soleil


Last night Mia and Allie and I went to Cirque Du Soleil with tickets my company gave me. It was amazing. I have always wanted to go and see the show, but it has never been in Boston when I am available. I couldn’t believe that when the office gave the tickets away we were all free. The acts were amazing. My mouth was slack jaw for the majority of the show. If they are ever near you I highly suggest going.


The first act that I was able to finally focus on what was going on was the acrobats who did tricks off each other. They were spinning orbs on robes while doing flips on their partners feet. The amount of times these girls were thrown was amazing. There was even a point where the guy was doing a headstand and the girl was standing on his feet to make a diamond shape with their legs and then between their legs another girl flipped through.


Then a lady who was riding a half moon (who I later read was the moon goddess) came down and there was a wonderful dance performance that was done with a lady playing the cello while riding the moon. I’m really not exaggerating when I say that this show was so stimulating. You didn’t know where to look half the time!


There was another dance which wasn’t the most interesting part for me, but it was good to slow things down a little. The dance was just performed by one acrobat and it was beautiful. The music was so relaxing.




I know why they took it easy on the previous act because the next one the lady bent her body in ways that are just not natural. At one point she was actually sitting on her own head. It was insane and at intermission we all were talking about that. I think my comment was “if I bent my Barbies that way they would have broken.



After intermission ladies came out and did stunts on the uneven bars that were made to resemble the jungle. They made each trick look so easy, even when they were in unison.






Then a lady came out and she took all these wooden pieces that looked like bones and kept putting one under the other to balance them all. It was pretty impressive but honestly so slow that it became a little boring.



Next men came out and did stunts on the seasaw exactly like here in the Big Apple Circus. So of course I loved this part. I wasn’t the only one as some of my coworkers said that they wanted to get some wood and try it out sometime.



Last was the grand finale where everyone came in and did stunts. I was so blown away. I wish I could have someone break it down for me and tell me to look at places and explain what they were doing.

The second the show ended everyone was on their feet cheering.

I cannot stress it enough, if this show is ever around you, go see it!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!





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