What I ate Wednesday

Good morning my friends and happy hump day! Is it just me or does the week following a short week seem to drag on forever? Since it is Wednesday I’m going to link up with Jenn again over at Peas and Crayons to bring you another addition of What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday.

Peas and Crayons

The morning started off as it has been since Saturday with a big ole mason jar of iced coffee and Thin Mint creamer. photo 71

Yes you heard (ok read) correctly, Thin Mint CreamerGS-ThinMintMain


This stuff is so good, if you can get your hands on it I would highly suggest it. I am actually not a Thin Mint fan but I love mint coffee in the summertime I just find it so refreshing. This stuff has a slight chocolate mint taste that totally transforms my coffee.

Halfway through my coffee I started to get hungry for some real food so I grabbed a yogurt.photo 72 Yes basically dessert for breakfast, but would you have it any other way? This held me over for most of the morning until I started to get some small hunger pains. So I took out the homemade hummus I made this weekend with some broccoli crowns. photo 4 photo 73 Hunger pains crushed. That left me satisfied until a little after 2 when I heated up some soup I found at Whole Foods for a quick lunch. 14766888_201310161436 photo 5For premade soup it isn’t bad, but to be honest I really just like homemade better. It is just way too hot to be cooking homemade soups right now.

I thought I would be good until I got home, but the Director of Operations came around the office with bags of frozen treats. I said no but when he said “awww come on” I couldn’t resist. photo 1 Seriously how does something so processed taste so good!?

I went home and started to make dinner since my friend Kelli was coming over. I started with a vegetable spread and some homemade hummus.photo 3Then cut up some purple potatoes to make the potatoes here. photo 2After that I forgot to break out the camera, but we had shrimp skewers and sausage on the grill as well as corn on the cob and some wine from this weekend. 

Dinner was phenomenal and the conversation was even better.

Great day of eats all around!




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