Weekend Recap

Nashoba Valley Winery

Good morning my friends and a wonderful Tuesday to you all. Today is another round of Treat Yourself Tuesday and I’m linking up with Becky over at Olives N Wine to participate. Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

I haven’t really been buying anything lately. I think that is because the boyfriend and I are discussing getting a new apartment and I abhor moving things. So most things are waiting right now. I did however treat myself to a wonderful day on Sunday with him at a vineyard. It was about an hour away from the house so we got up late and got dressed to go. WAIT HOLD THE PHONE!! Speaking of getting up late, as you guys probably know he doesn’t sleep in which means I don’t sleep in, but both days this weekend he didn’t wake up until almost 10 so I got to bask in the glory of my bed. It was awesome

Ok now on to the vineyard. We went to Nashoba Valley Winery to do a tour and tastings, the tours run every hour on the hour and are $10, the tastings are 5 for $6. As we pulled into the parking lot I wished that we hadn’t stopped for lunch and had brought one with us. photo 3It reminded me of where I grew up in VT and I was jealous of all the people at picnic tables enjoying their afternoon lunches in the sun.

Walking in we just missed the 2:00 tour so we grabbed some tickets and went over to the tasting area to enjoy a few sips of wine. I automatically gravitated towards the red first since I’m a huge fan of them.photo 2Yet the ones I tried I wasn’t too thrilled with. The boyfriend went right to the Brandy. I loved that there were so many choices, the place not only has grapes but it is a full orchard with berries and apples as well. So instead of just having wine to sample there is also homemade vodka, beer, ciders, brandy, and whiskey. I, of course stuck to the wine, but he chose to sample all the different options.

After two failed attempts at red I flipped the samples page and decided to try my luck at the semi sweet wines. photo 1Delicious! I wanted to continue to drink the Cyser and the Cranberry Apple tasted exactly like juice. I loved them so much I ended up buying two bottles of the Cyser and one of the Cranberry Apple. The boyfriend even found a brandy that he loved, which was too strong for me but after I sipped it I loved the maple syrup taste that was left in my mouth.

It was an awesome afternoon and we topped it off by taking a trip to the tennis courts after to work off our tastings. If you are even in the Massachusetts area I suggest giving Nashoba Valley Winery a try!

Have you ever been to a winery? Did you end up buying the wine? Yes and Yes! 




1 thought on “Nashoba Valley Winery”

  1. Wineries, heck yes! I’ve been to Napa once (I neeeeedddd to get back!) and there was an amazing winery about an hour drive outside of Minneapolis that we would go to a few times each summer when we lived there. Wine is basically the best thing ever 😉 #obviously

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