Oh hello Friday! So wonderful to see you again. Friends if you are like me then this week just didn’t seem short at all. I am so glad it is Friday and I can relax this weekend. Normally on Fridays I try to do a “What’s Making Me Happy” but I think today I am going to switch it up a bit. The main thing that is making me happy this week is hanging out with girlfriends, so I’ll recap our date night on Tuesday.

It had been a week or so since we hung out so I was happy when they had free time on Tuesday to grab dinner. We wanted to go to one of the places we had been before, but both had a long wait so we choose somewhere new. The menu looked very promising for both seafood lovers and seafood haters so we decided to give it a shot.

Blu is listed under Open Tables for their good view, and I have to admit the floor to ceiling windows really did deliver on that promise.

photo (10)

Yet trying to find the place was almost impossible since it is part of LA Sports Club, so we walked by it a good 5 times until finally figuring out how to get there. Once seated though we dove for the wine list to get a drink. Except there was no wine list! Ahhhhhhhh all they did was wine by the glass (strike one) so we all ordered a glass and then debated over our main dishes. It was already a given that we were going to get the cheese plate as an appetizer.

Orders placed we started to catch up and about five minutes into the conversation a lady comes down and just puts the cheese plate in front of us. In all other restaurants we have been to they take the time to point out what each item is on the plate since it is a whole board of charcuterie. (Strike Two)

photo 1

The cheese was phenomenal though and we finished off almost all of it. By the time the last bite was had our main courses had arrived. I ordered the grilled swordfish with lobster mashed potatoes and a lemon sauce.

The lobster was cooked perfectly as was the swordfish but the dish really lacked some seasoning so I had to ask for salt.

photo 2

Allie got the scallops with a lobster risotto and seemed to like it. She picked out all the lobster and ate all the scallops and the one bite I had of her risotto was pretty decent.

photo 3

Mia got chicken since she won’t touch seafood with a pole and said it was decent, it looked very fresh with all the summer vegetables.

photo 4

We always end with something sweet so we split a hazelnut bon bon which was pretty decent. The few bites I had were sweet with the slightly nutty flavor.

photo 5

We weren’t impressed though and decided that we wouldn’t be coming back again. I think this is a great place to grab a drink and dessert after seeing a show but not the best for a four course meal.

I hope you friends have a wonderful weekend!

Have you ever been somewhere that just fell flat even when the menu looked amazing? 


2 thoughts on “Blu”

    1. It really is awesome I get to see them so much. I am a firm believe in tons of girl time, it is just good for my soul!

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