Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap Part 1

Finally a weekend recap, now it isn’t the wedding recap, I feel like I need to be in a good writing mood to do that one because there was so much love that weekend and I want to convey that. So instead I’m going to do the first part of my weekend this past Memorial Day and then maybe (we will see how I’m feeling) do the second half over the weekend. Starting on Friday I was just done with the week, so I was beyond thrilled when they let us go early to start our weekend. I hit the gym hard for an hour and then went home to relax and wait for the boyfriend to get home. Since he didn’t get let out early and then got stuck in some Memorial Day traffic we decided to just hang low for the night and get some take out.

The next morning I started laundry and then went to put on stuff to go for a run. The boyfriend didn’t want me to though, he wanted to do something active yet fun. I suggested hiking which I love, he suggested basketball which he loves. Friends, the day I go and play basketball for fun is the day that pigs fly. I HATE basketball. I’ll shoot the ball, but actually run and dribble a ball and get a good workout in? Heck no! So we settled on Tennis. How we got to that I don’t know, but we did, so we were off to Target to buy tennis rackets and balls.

photo 2

Pulling up to the court by our house the sun broke through the clouds and we had a good hour just goofing around and playing.

photo 1

Towards the end we started to get a volley going but then you could tell I got tired because I wasn’t going for the ball as much. Once that happened I asked him if we could go for a run and then walk around the circle (about a mile loop) to just get a few extra minutes of exercise, he obliged and we ran it once and then walked it a second time.

photo 3

Being an active couple definitely makes us feel better about ourselves and brings us closer. I love when we spend time together doing things like skiing, running, and now playing tennis. We were starving by the time we finished the walk so the boyfriend decided we were going to get lunch at one of his favorite places.

photo 4

I wanted a sandwich so I got the chicken salad and we went home. Pulling it out of the paper it looked ok, but it didn’t look like there was a lot of seasoning and I always get sad when I see almost clear lettuce on my sandwiches, I would prefer dark romaine or even spinach.

photo 5

To say I didn’t like this lunch would pretty spot on. I jammed it with pickles and hot red pepper flakes to try and kick it up a notch but it just wasn’t working so after about 2/3 of it I just threw it away. Oh well, at least it stopped my hunger. Since the sun was out I quickly showered and then sat outside for some time reading my book, I’m reading Dethroning The King, it is about the takeover of Anhesuer-Busch and it is pretty good. I am not convinced it is completely accurate but it is still fun to read.

Because we had a late lunch we weren’t ready for dinner right away so we went to the movies instead and saw the new X-Men movie. I love comic movies so I liked this one as well. It was like the other ones though so if you aren’t a huge fan then it isn’t really worth going to see. Not much in the theaters right now for action movies, and those are the ones I really like seeing in the theater, everything else can be seen at home. Grabbing a quick bite to eat after we then headed home and packed for our adventure on the Cape the next day.

To be continued….


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