What I Ate Saturday

I have wanted to do one of these posts for awhile now! Today I’m linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for a What I ate Wednesday!

Peas and Crayons

I’m actually going to do a What I Ate Saturday and show you how I ate and drank my way through the Cape this past weekend with the boyfriend.

It started off early morning with a quick run to Starbucks before we got on the road. I got an everything bagel with cream cheese and enjoyed it while I was reading my US 11The boyfriend was being an absolute grump so I ignored him for a good 30 minutes while I enjoyed my breakfast.

photo 14

Next thing consumed was a Moscow Mule at The Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA.  I had never drank one of these before but am looking for a new summer drink. It was light and refreshing and I loved it for lunch.

photo 12

I paired my drink with a side of buffalo shrimp that I split with the boyfriend. It was so good and reminded me of when I ate buffalo scallops at Erin’s bachelorette weekend.

photo 13

We also split a huge serving of fried clam strips. The bowl was made out of a fried tortilla and there were fries underneath. After a full morning of biking around this meal really hit the spot. All the food was cooked perfectly and the drink wasn’t too weak and wasn’t too strong. I highly suggest checking out this restaurant if you are in the lower Cape area.

We continued on biking for a few more hours and then returned them in search of a few more beverages. photo 15

That was suppose to be muddled fruit with prosecco. What I ended up getting was sliced strawberries with Sambuca. Total gag! I had a hard time getting it down but didn’t want to return it because the ambiance and drinks were so horrible we just wanted to get out. I don’t’ even remember the name of the restaurant.

photo 21

I was adamant that I needed that gross taste out of my mouth so we went off in search of a snack. I was so excited when we found a make your own sundae place. I put soft serve oreo in mine and topped it with animal crackers, peanut butter cups, cookie dough, and cinnamon toast crunch. It was so good and I felt a million times happier after I ate it. The boyfriend made an enormous sundae that almost weighted twice of what mine weighted. This coming from the guy who self proclaims he hates sweets (yeah right)

photo 5

A short while later we were ready for dinner so we showered up and jumped in the car to search for a place. I had my head down googling all the places the boyfriend called out as we passed them. Finally he yelled out The Academy Ocean Grill and it looked like it was going to be a winner. The second we got there I knew it was too, it looked like we were going into someone’s house and the smells were phenomenal. We both ordered an RB21 which is root beer vodka, vanilla vodka and club soda. It tasted like root beer with a little bit of an alcohol aftertaste. The boyfriend was a huge fan though and ordered a second.

photo 22

We started off with Caesar salads which are some of the best I have tasted. The croutons were made of old baguettes and the dressing had anchovies in it to give it the salty kick it needs. After we dug in they brought out our appetizer which was some calamari and banana peppers. photo 3

The breading was light and flaky and the calamari was like butter in your mouth, it just melted when you bit into it. I could have eaten a few plates of it they were that good. Then our main dishes came out, I got a seafood meadly with lobster ravioli and again everything was cooked to perfection. I inhaled it.

photo 4

I was pretty full by the end of the meal, but everything was cooked so perfectly I wanted to try the dessert so we split a sticky toffee pudding that put me into a sugar coma heaven.

photo 1

I wanted to lick the plate it was that good. Of course by the time I stood up I was so full I wanted to get into sweat pants, yet the boyfriend wanted one last drink so we went to the bar at our hotel and ordered a few more rounds. I felt it was needed that I finish my night in Cape Cod with a Cape Codder.

photo 2

By far my favorite drink and a perfect note to end an amazing day of eating!


1 thought on “What I Ate Saturday”

  1. Yay for you joining the WIAW party!! Eating breakfast at Starbucks while reading the newspaper is the perfect way to start off the day (and to ignore a grumpy boyfriend 😉 ) Fried clams always reminded me when I was a kid and we were spending our summer vacations in Maine 🙂 Sounds like a fun day full of yummy food and fun drinks!

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