Chocolate Chip Beer Cookies

I never use to be a sweets person. I was all about the savory and salty, which is equally as awful for you. As the years have gone on my taste buds have started to change and develop, some for the good with the love of vegetables and some for the bad with the need to satisfy a sweet tooth. For Easter the boyfriends mom was so kind and got us an Easter basket and one of the items was a huge bag of M&Ms. I was having a sweet attack one night and opened them up yet after a few handfuls I realized that: 1. I was going to eat this whole bag and 2. They were sweet yet  I wasn’t satisfied.

So I announced that I was going into the kitchen to experiment with the M&Ms. The boyfriend didn’t protest as he is always a fan of baked goods. My first thought was M&M cookies but that just seemed so dull, so I went into the fridge to see if there was anything that seemed funky enough to spice them up. Enter the beer!

Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat. I had a few of these and they are a tad sweet for my beer profile likes, but I thought the sweetness would pair well in the cookie. So I set out to google in search of the perfect beer recipe. There are a few of them out there, but the one that caught my eye was the one that let the beer be the star of the cookie, most of the others required a tablespoon, but this one used the full 12oz.

I followed the recipe here yet didn’t use any walnut and instead of the chocolate chips I used the M&Ms. Let me tell you when you fold M&Ms into the beer dough they turn very psychedelic!

photo 2

Two things about this batter, one let it sit for a little bit, when you first put the beer in the batter is very runny, after a minute or two it starts to solidify again. The second thing is the cookies are not that sweet, they lack the extra sugar a normal cookie has. Next time I make them I will use regular chocolate chips and I will also add a little sugar, I’ll be sure to update how much. This recipe as it stands though would be great for ice cream sandwiches!

The cookies are very doughy, which can be attributed to all the yeast in the beer and they need a wire rack to cool because the moisture of the beer expresses out as they cool.

Very easy to make and I’ll be sure to make another round with some tweaks to the recipe.

Have you ever cooked with beer? Besides this I sometimes boil my pasta in beer. The extra carbs from the beer bring another level of flavor to the pasta. 


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