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Vega Sport Recovery

Hi friends! I know it has been way too long since I have posted, but that is because Kaelyn’s wedding was this weekend. I’m sorry but I don’t have a post on that right now, I’m trying to catch up from being off work for two days and then celebrating her all weekend. What I do have through is some fun stuff to share with you. As you can imagine my workouts aren’t that great these past few weeks. Stress and lack of time is really putting a buzz kill on all the running I should be doing. As a result when I get time to go to the gym I try to work out for at least an hour.

Luckily for me Vega was so awesome and sent me some Recovery Accelerator to try out. I used it for the first time when I did a 20/20/20 workout. I went nuts through the workout, pushing myself until the very end and finished soaked in sweat. Such a great feeling! After a quick stretch I went into the locker room and emptied a packet into about 1.5 cups of water (12oz)

photo 1

The flavor reminds me of a tropical smoothie with banana. I’m really impressed, it is semi thick but doesn’t taste chalky in the slightest! After chugging this baby I was on my way and didn’t think much of it at all. The next morning I was bopping around the apartment cleaning up when I went to put the packets of Vega Recovery Accelerator into the pantry and noticed not a thing hurt on me.

My legs felt fresh, there was zero stiffness in my joints and my muscles felt like they were ready to workout again. The only other time I get this feeling is when I take meds my doctor gave me last year for my foot. I have used other products that are meant to be overnight recovery and they haven’t worked, this was a real treat to actually have something that worked.

I would highly suggest if you are in the middle of training for something get your hands on this stuff! I know it will be a lifesaver while I try to power through a quick ramp up to all my road races these next few months.

photo 2


Disclaimer: I received free product from Vega to use but was not compensated for my time or my post. All opinions and reviews are my own thoughts, like they always are. 


2 thoughts on “Vega Sport Recovery”

    1. Oh my gosh so sad!!! Do you want me to send you one so you can try it? I call it my magic powder now.

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