I am beyond words happy today. Last night at work around 4pm I got a text from WHO’s husband saying they went to the hospital. Less than an hour later I got a text saying the baby was here. I screamed in delight in my open office, then had to explain that I had become an “auntie” to Quincy Wright Dillon. WHO and her husband were so gracious and they let me come and see the baby last night, my friends there is such a thing as love at first sight. I’m so smitten with this bundle of joy. Sorry there are no pictures, I have a few but it is not my right to share them here. So just imagine a perfect baby girl.

Ok now on to the actual purchase treats of this week, again I’m linking up with Becky over at Olivesnwine.com to bring you this week’s treats, but friends nothing is a bigger treat than seeing Quin for the first time.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge
If you are new to Treat Yourself Tuesday head on over to Becky’s blog to learn about why it is important each week to take time and give yourself little treats. This week’s main purchase was all my products when I went to get my facial and waxed. I was out of face wash, lotion, and shampoo / conditioner so I stocked up.

photo 3
My hair is in a weird spot right now and even this shampoo feels a little weird, so I think I’m going to try a different kind next time I got to Ulta. A huge treat was also the facial, I got an enzyme peel to slowly work away all the sun spots I have. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self not to be stupid in tanning beds and in the sun, yet I’m not sure she would even care.

After the facial I made a quick stop at a consignment store to look for a dress for Kaelyn’s rehearsal dinner. I can’t believe I got so lucky and snagged this dress for less than $15. It is perfect and totally me.

photo 1
Last treat this week was some yummy cookies I made with beer! That’s right friends there is a whole bottle of beer in this recipe. I’ll share it with you guys in a day or two.

photo 2
The beer made the M&Ms run and look very psychedelic

So those are my major treats, like I said all the purchases pale in comparison to holding Quin for the first time.

What did you do for yourself this week? 


1 thought on “Quincy”

  1. And oh how Quincy loves you ❤ She is so lucky to have such a wonderful woman like you to call Auntie 😀

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