Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

I would not have asked for a more relaxing weekend. I think the main key to this was I didn’t open my computer the whole weekend. It was glorious. I know that this week I’ll need to be on it a lot until I head off to Kaelyn’s wedding so for two full days I stayed screen free. That started Friday night when I went over to Mia and Allie’s apartment for a stay in date night. We drank wine, we ate sushi, we watch chick flicks and we ate so many sweets. photo 1

Yes you are seeing this correctly, that is a peanut butter rice crispy treat covered in chocolate frosting.

photo 2
Mia’s homemade toffee that is phenomenal!

Around 11:30 I rolled myself to my car and went home to pass out in a sugar coma. The next day I was suppose to get up and go to spin class, but I just was not in the mood to wake up early at all. So I let myself sleep in and then went to the gym to make up for the night before.

photo 3

Starting off with a 20 minute warm up on the stair master. Already I was sweaty and leftover makeup was running down my face.

photo 4

Jumping over for another 20 minute stint on the elliptical. I like how my tongue is still dyed red from the wine the night before. This was the hardest part by far of the workout, I really pushed myself on it so I’ll share that workout with you guys later on this week. Finally I ended the the gym session with a 2 mile run. I saved you guys the picture from that and just took one of a post workout stretch!

photo 5

After a quick shower at the gym I went to my esthetician to get waxed and a facial. I’ll go more into that tomorrow on the Treat Yourself Tuesday post. Since it was a nice day out and I still needed to find a dress for the rehersal dinner, I headed on over to one of my favorite consignment stores in Newton to take a quick peek. It was a success and I’ll share that with you guys as well tomorrow!

After my two treats I went home and got ready to head to the boyfriends friends for the Bruins hockey game. I was so happy I was able to convince him not to go out to the bar and just take it easy.

Sunday was a relaxing day with his family, we did a cookout and sat outside under umbrellas the whole time. It was so amazing, and so nice to know that since I can’t ski anymore summer is coming finally!

I hope all the mamas out there had a wonderful day yesterday!


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