New Finds

You guys, I cannot begin to describe how much of a fight eating healthy is for me right now. I have learned through this fight though that when I am stressed I tend to eat more crap, and I always though it was the opposite! We all know though that what you fuel your body with also effects your moods so I’m really trying now to get the good stuff in. In the theme of getting the good stuff in I’m trying new foods to make my palate more interested and I would love to share two new finds with you today!

photo 1

Funny story with this one, I didn’t think I was eating this flavor at all, because it came from the pile that said Cherry and Port Wine, yes you read that right they have a wine flavored yogurt. You better believe I’m getting my buns back to Whole Foods to get that stuff! When I opened it and looked at the color I was a little confused, why is it brown and not red?! To say when I read the label and realized I wouldn’t be having wine for breakfast was a let down would be an understatement. Yet I dug in and I’m totally hooked! This stuff is so decadent without being overly sweet like a lot of the other dessert flavored yogurts are. Hooked and with over 15 grams of protein, grass fed cows and no hormones it will surly be in the regular rotation.

Do you ever need to just snack on something? What do you normally reach for, sweet or salty? I am majority salty with the odd rarity of sweet sometimes. The trouble is salty is mostly high carb and not good for me to fit into my pantalones! So yesterday while I was in Whole Foods I looked for something to snack on that wouldn’t bust my waistline and would be satisfying.

photo 2

A company I have never heard of called Go Raw makes these flax chips that are very delicate yet pretty filling! They also leave me satisfied which is a huge requirement for a snack, if I’m not satisfied then shortly after I’m looking for something else. I also picked up the pizza flavor to try in addition to this spicy one. Not very spicy but still a great little snack!

Those are my new finds this week, so help a sista out, what do you like to snack on that leaves you satisfied and is good for you?


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