Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

It’s time for a weekend update! Sure has been awhile since I did one and I had a pretty decent weekend. Friday I was out with my girlfriends for dinner, we went to Scampo which I have reviewed a few times now since it is one of our favorite restaurants, so I won’t go over how much I love that again.

Saturday I cleaned the apartment and then went to get my hair done. After that I stopped by to see WHO and her ever-growing baby bump. I know she feels like she is just swollen and blah but she is glowing and looks so amazing. Then I went home and did some more work on the computer. I was debating going to my mom’s house that night because I knew the second the boyfriend got home he would either be in a good mood or in a mood to argue, I was correct on the second. Luckily we were able to move past it after a few hours and had a great Sunday.

Sunday we woke up and went to breakfast and then went to take a long walk on Castle Island. Yet the second we stepped out of the car it was FREEZING. We managed to walk around the castle part and then went back to the car because we were so cold. The boyfriend had a better idea though, why not go to the Museum of Science, so we headed on over there. He really wanted to see a show at the Omni Theatre, which is a huge dome theater with complete surround sound that immerses you in the movie, so we got tickets to a show and then decided to kill the 30 minutes we had before the movie. First we went to see the animals, I loved the big turtles two of them kept on sleeping while the third was a bully of the group and walked all over them.

photo 11

The tree frogs were extremely poisonous it said. I know that when you see bright colors it normally means stay away and the bright blue of their feet were no exception. They were very pretty though!

photo 12

A cage over was every city dwellers nightmare, hissing cockroaches. These babies were enormous! I swear if I ever saw one in my apartment I would probably have to move.

photo 3

After the animals it was time to go see the movie, it was a documentary about the Colorado River and how we have changed the dynamics of it with our dams. It made the boyfriend and I really want to raft down the river though, so that got added to the bucket list. When we came out we saw that the museum is actually in two towns, Cambridge and Boston, since the Charles River runs under the museum.

photo 4

There was a huge exhibit on the human body and how different things effect not only your skin color and metabolism but also how you perceive fear and your attention span. It was a pretty cool exhibit and the thing I took out of it the most was the food that I eat when I’m pregnant will affect not only my child but my grandchildren because it forms the genetics of my baby. That was wild to me!

The boyfriend was all about shows so we went quickly over to a science and magic show where we learned about forces and how they work. More geared towards smaller children but since it was only 20 minutes it wasn’t that bad, then he wanted to see the lightening show.

photo 2

So on we went to some massive electrical currents. I remember being very young and coming to the museum from Vermont on a field trip and seeing this show and thinking it was the most amazing thing. I’ve seen in a handful of times now and it has become no big deal.

After the show we had been at the museum for almost 4 hours and I was getting a little worn out so we headed home. I did a little more computer work when I got home and then went for a run. The best part about my run by far was when I got home and saw that my flowers were growing! Even my rose bush that I thought I had pruned beyond life. I can’t wait to see them bloom!

photo 5

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap”

  1. Ahhh! the turtle! I love him 😉

    Glad to see you’re keeping yourself busy, and your mind active. Best way to relieve stress. xo

  2. I loved the turtle too!! SO much fun there.

    I loved seeing you and my princess too, tell her that her favorite auntie misses her 🙂

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