Treat Yourself Tuesday

Wow it’s been a full week since I posted. In that time a LOT has happened, I can’t talk about most of it right now but hopefully soon! So let’s get into my favorite post of the week and I’ll update you on weekend things later on this week!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge


If you are new to Treat Yourself Tuesday head on over to Beck’s blog at Olives N Wine to learn about why it is important to take time each week to treat yourself. Last week I went a little crazy on treats, so this week was a little less extravagant.

The first treat was a necklace I got to be my talisman of sorts through what is happening.

Fate Loves The Fearless - Metal Hand Stamped Necklace

It was from Seize The Night on Etsy and I love it. Reminds me to be more fearless and trust my journey.

The second treat was a dinner with my ladies. I haven’t had one of these in a really long time and it was so good to sit back and have a couple bottles of wine while catching up. Oh and we managed to get a white pizza with fig and truffle. Ah Maz Ing! It was such a treat not to worry about when I got home or what I ate.

photo (9)

I wish I can have another few slices of that pizza right now!

Lastly I finally got my hair done on Saturday! So overdue.

Those are my treats, and I’m happy to say I think I’m finally in a better spot this week than I have been in awhile.

How did you treat yourself this week?


3 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday”

    1. Oh my gosh so jelly on the LuLu! I’ll have to pop over to see what you got and then be even more jelly! 🙂

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