Advocare Recap

Advocare 24 Day Cleanse – Day 16

Ugh I have been the worst at recording what I eat!! I’m going to skip the weekend eats and just cut to today. Partly because I ate like poop this weekend and really didn’t stick 100% to the plan, partly because I was just so freaking tired and needed a break from everything. So let’s jump right to today!

MNS Color Pack, Spark, Catalyst, ThermoPlus– Yes yes and some more yes. I feel like all I do is take pills right now. 

MRS Shake or Clean Breakfast- Today was another MRS shake. I put way too much water in it, but it was still great.

photo 11

After Breakfast Snack- None, it took me so long to drink that monster and then I had meetings so the next thing I knew it was lunch.

MNS Color Packet, Catalyst, Carb Ease if neededMore pills! I didn’t take a Carb Ease though. 

MNS White Packets, Protien, Vegetables, Complex Carbs- I didn’t pack lunch again, so I went down to the cafe and got a tuna wrap and a side of broccoli. So gross, I need to either go out to Whole Foods or pack a lunch. The broccoli was pretty great though, I started eating before I got a picture.


Afternoon Snack- These grapes are GINORMOUS! I’ve been eating them since I bought them on Saturday. So juicy and so delicious.

photo 13

Carb Ease if Needed- Took one before dinner.

Omega Plex, Protein, vegetables, Complex Carb if Needed- Wahoo! I remembered the Omega Plex. I also made some scallops and half a sweet potato baked. I knew I needed some sort of sauce to tie it all together so I whipped up some pesto quick sans the cheese. 

photo (8)

After Dinner Snack- None

Catalyst – Yes, also took an Over Night Recovery.

Thoughts throughout the day – I like clean eating, it just isn’t the easiest at times.
Feelings –  I wish I had a personal chef, hmmm is that grill cheese I smell.
Cravings –Exercise
Abnormal body functions – Nothing crazy

Workout- Spin Class


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