Weekend Recap

The Big Apple Circus

What a magical day I had yesterday. Like I mentioned on Friday I was  going with my mama and Bridgie to The Big Apple Circus on Sunday, little did I know this visit was exactly what I needed to recharge and get on with life. The second I saw her at South Station I knew I was going to be fine. We had a quick drive over to the circus but I felt like I vomited out everything I had been dealing with the whole week and by the time we got out of the car it was on to the circus.

We got there a tad early which was enough time for them to grab a snack and then take some silly pictures! IMGP0231

We then headed to our seats to chat some more before the show and look at the set.


Then the lights went down and The Big Apple Circus band started up and the ring was flooded with all the performers.


This years theme was NYC, so every act was tied around some sort of city element. The first act was a 16 year old who juggled. He was so amazing, at one point he had over 7 balls in the air and was juggling them behind his back.


Next out was the clown. Last year they had two clowns, and though they were good I just loved the clown this year! He kept the audience laughing and got everyone engaged, I think he did a better job than the ring master did.

member of the audience doing the trick for the clown.

After the clown made his appearance they kept with the theme and brought out a “painter” who was actually a guy who did tricks on a ladder. It looked semi easy, yet when you figure he is just balancing on a ladder with zero support you realize how difficult it must be. I mean heck, I have trouble with tree pose!


If this weren’t amusement enough, they then brought in two more people who balance. This duo were two men who balanced on each other.

IMGP0245 IMGP0248

They were impressive with all the moves they had, but they weren’t my favorite. It was almost like the contortionist last year. Amazing that they could do what they did, but not something I really enjoyed as much as the other acts.

Next up with a professional pick pocket. He had me laughing so hard! He pulled a member out of the audience and then proceeded to steal his wallet, glasses, and cell phone continuously. The guy didn’t even know it was happening, but it had the whole tent rolling laughing.


I have to admit something was in the air yesterday, because when I woke up little kitty was being a total brat, but then when I went to the circus and the animals there were being total brats too I knew it was something other than a spoiled kitty.


The dogs didn’t want to do tricks, the horses didn’t want to run in the right direction. Here the horse was carrying the dog, but after once around he just didn’t want to do it anymore. I think that amused me more than if the trick actually went right.

Right before a quick intermission one of my favorite acts performed. Two women on the trapeze bar doing all these amazing tricks. I couldn’t believe I gasped more than a few times, normally it takes a lot to get my heart rate going but these ladies were fantastic! They did so many flips, catching themselves by only interlocking their legs. I was in awe and couldn’t stop talking about it during the quick break.

photo2 2

When we came back in I thought nothing could top them! I then got a little disappointed because a couple came out, and the lady was singing. Last year this was the act where they tangoed. Ok I’m not a dance hater, but I didn’t go to the ballet I went to the circus. If I wanted to see dancing I would have gone somewhere else. I was thoroughly prepared to be bored. I was wrong though, these were tight rope walkers!

photo2 4
please excuse the thumb!

They were fantastic and so strong! The lady at one point actually had her husband on her shoulders! I can’t even give the boyfriend a two second piggy back ride!

photo 13

I was more than satisfied with this performance! When it ended the horses then came out again. I didn’t take any pictures because like I mentioned they were in a mood and I was more worried about them deciding it was time to run into the audience. Luckily they didn’t and everyone was safe!

Last act was tied with the trapeze ladies for a favorite. It was a group of performers who used a seesaw to launch members into the air doing some amazing back flips.

photo 14

photo 15

So amazing, they would be on slits or on a pogo stick as well doing all these great tricks. I was cheering and clapping and loosing myself in the moment of total awe. Sadly after they were done the show was done. I couldn’t believe it just flew by. I remember thinking last year that it wasn’t that great but still fun. This year I was totally bummed when it was over.

It was what my soul needed, time with the mama and a great show. I’ll recap the rest of the weekend later on this week!

I hope everyone had something great happen to them this weekend.

Have you ever been to the circus? 


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