Vega Bars

Oh. My. Word. Y’all know that when I get something I like to eat, I eat it all the time. For instance my buffalo chicken or Ezekiel bread with peanut butter. Well when Vega sent me a box of their bars to try I wasn’t expecting to add foods to the, what we will call, repeat repertoire.

photo 1

I wasn’t expecting much, I’m not a huge fan of bars and have only found a select few that I will repeat purchase. I find that bars are normally  either chalky, weird aftertastey, too high in calories, or so small that it isn’t satisfying. With that mindset I opened the Vega Snack Cherry Almond and took a bite.


Oh my lord were these good!! It took a lot of willpower not to two bite the bar and reach for another one. To make it last I broke it into small bites and then mixed it with my cut up carrots for a perfect plant-based snack to get me through the day.

photo 2

Yep you heard me correctly, these thing are:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Made from superfood whole food ingredients
  • A satisfying source of protein and 1 gram of Omega-3 (and for someone who constantly forgets to take her OmegaPlex this is a great thing!)

I knew what my afternoon snack was going to be the next day! Trying not to get myself too hyped up, I mean the bars can’t all taste good right? I pulled out my bar from the lunch bag, it was an Apple Cherry Vega Sport Energy Bar. If you have been reading my posts lately you can probably tell I’m not all there, so packing lunch just wasn’t even something I wanted to do, this little guy took the place of me going out to get something and it totally did the trick.

photo 3

If I was thinking clearly I would have taken one of the Vega One bars, as those are a complete meal bar, but I wasn’t. The bar though was so wonderful, the apple flavor wasn’t overpowering and the cherry flavor had a real cherry taste, unlike other bars which just put cherry flavoring into cranberries. It satisfied my hunger and gave me a boost to get through the day.

The last bar I have tried so far has been a Chocolate Peanut Butter Vega One bar. Today has been the laziest of lazy days and I didn’t get around to eating lunch until my stomach told me it was way past due. Since it is almost dinner I didn’t want to have a huge lunch, but also wanted to keep my metabolism running so I broke out the bar and paired it with some clementines and grapes for a balanced meal.

photo 4

In the spirit of complete honesty this one wasn’t my favorite. I thought it was going to knock my socks off since it combines my two favorite things, but the high expectations I had from the previous two bars just weren’t met. That being said this is still delicious, but the Vega Snack and Vega Sport are my favorite to date, which surprises me.

I’m really excited to have some new all natural snacks to add to my diet and highly recommend trying them. To find them near you visit here, I know next time I go to Whole Foods the competitor bar I was eating won’t be in my basket!

*Disclaimer, Vega sent me all the bars free of charge to try, I am not being compensated for my time (besides in free delicious snacks) and all opinions, pictures and reviews are my own. 


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