Advocare Recap

Advocare 24 Day Cleanse – Day 11-13

Well my friends, once again life got in the way and I’m coming to you with a three day recap. Yes this past week has been a tough one to say the very least, but with the help of my girlfriends I have managed to pull myself together and start to relax. I think the hardest thing for me is there is no solid plan right now, and I’m a huge planner. So the waiting and wondering makes it a million times worse.

Now onto the Max Phase of Advocare! I love this phase, so much energy and knowing that you are in the home stretch. The one thing that gets a little tricky is the amount of supplements you need to take in this phase. I’ve been pretty good, not perfect but decent.

MNS Color Pack, Spark, Catalyst, ThermoPlusPills, pills and some more pills right before breakfast. Normally I’m a touch sensitive to taking supplements on an empty stomach but with these I haven’t really had any issues. 

photo 1

MRS Shake or Clean Breakfast- Most mornings I make a MRS but instead of doing it the normal way I make a smoothie with fruit added. I got this idea from Becky over at Olives N Wine. I normally add a cup of So Good Coconut Milk, a cup of frozen fruit and half the MNS packet. It turns out so good and extends the life of my MNS. Some mornings I actually want to eat food though so I make myself a clean breakfast.

photo 4
MNS Smoothie with my new obsession, passion iced tea.

After Breakfast Snack- The only day I had an after breakfast snack was day 13. I had two slices of Ezekiel bread with some peanut butter (who is shocked?!)

MNS Color Packet, Catalyst, Carb Ease if needed – Yep that is right, before lunch there are some more pills to be taken! 

photo 2

MNS White Packets, Protien, Vegetables, Complex Carbs- These past few days lunches have been all over the place and at times not the cleanest. Day 11 I had a Panera chicken salad sandwich, day 12 I was having a meltdown and had just a Vega Snack Bar, and day 13 I had half a sandwich and then wasn’t feeling like eating anymore. Everyday though I had pills with my lunch! 

photo 3

Afternoon Snack- Day 13 we had a going away party for one of my coworkers so I had some buffalo chicken and some grapes as a snack. Everyone was drinking beer, I had some iced herbal tea.

Carb Ease if Needed- I haven’t actually taken these yet, though I should have many times. Just me and my poor pill taking skills. What Carb Ease does is make it so the carbs in your system are processed more smoothly if you are having a carb heavy meal. This can only be taken once a day though. 

Omega Plex, Protein, vegetables, Complex Carb if Needed- Y’all if I said I remembered to take my Omega Plex more than once these past few days I would be lying. I also haven’t had the healthiest of dinners. Day 11 (we shall call this the day @#$% fell apart) I ate some Chipolte with the boyfriend. Day 12 I went out with some girlfriends and had a few scallops and a few hush puppies. Day 13 I had pasta (big no no and also should have had the carb ease here for sure!) with a meatball. 

After Dinner Snack- None

Catalyst – Nope didn’t remember

Thoughts throughout the day – Too much to detail here! Thoughts on the plan were “thank god something has some structure in my life right now”
Feelings –  About the plan grateful, about life too much to post again
Abnormal body functions – Small blessings, but nope everything is going well.

Workout- None, which is something I need to turn around after I post this!


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