Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

What a weekend! My head hit the bed last night and within seconds I was out. I was so tired and so worn out from going all weekend. That being said I had an amazing weekend and cannot wait to tell you about it! Starting with Thursday night where the boyfriend, kitty and I drove up to NH to ski for two days. Friday morning we were up bright and early and headed up to Maine for the day at Sunday River. It was one of my favorite ski days of the year, blue skies and warm  balmy air. The boyfriend and I played on the mountain all day, from moguls to learning how to do 360 turns on the wide open trails. photo 3

Saturday morning we slept in until almost 9 and then got our ski clothes on and headed over to Wildcat to take our last few runs of the year. Sadly the day wasn’t as awesome as Friday, the top of the mountain it was brutally cold with whipping winds and snow. Not what I expected for spring skiing!

photo 5

Normally that would have been a beautiful view of Mount Washington!

We then packed up the car and the kitty and headed back to Boston. Once in Boston we had to pack up and head over to his parents house for Easter Sunday. We decided to stay the night since everything was going to start bright and early. Bright and early it was too! I was up at 6:30 and headed to Easter Mass. Then we headed back to the house to hide Easter Eggs for the boyfriends cousins.

IMGP0211 IMGP0212 IMGP0214

An egg in the mailbox
pre-filled eggs!

The hunt was so fun and everyone had a blast. I think my favorite part was how good the boyfriend was with the kids. I’ve never really seen him interact with kids and was shocked to see at how comfortable he was and how wonderful he was. After the hunt was complete we all went inside for some brunch that the boyfriends mom whipped up.


I had a little bite of both casseroles and then filled up on the fruit salad. One casserole was a french toast one made with french bread and a wonderful praline crust. If I wasn’t on the challenge I probably would have gone nuts on that one. The second was a potato and egg one with ham, not a huge ham fan so I was ok with only a few bites. After that everyone hung out for awhile and then it was time to get ready to go over to his grandparents house. Before we left the boyfriends mom gave us an Easter basket that was filled with tons of goodies!

photo 1

It was another Easter egg hunt and tons of food. I filled up on salad because Easter food is just not my thing (I abhor ham, lamb and mint jelly!) with small helpings of all the delicious sides.

After dinner we headed home and were beat. I was so tired but also hungry since my dinner consisted of a huge salad so I made a grilled chicken sandwich and then the boyfriend and I had our first fire of the season.

photo 2


It was such a great weekend, I can’t believe it is over already!





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