Advocare Recap

Advocare 24 Day Cleanse – Day 9

This morning I woke up and showered. Since the boyfriend and I didn’t get home until later on Sunday I didn’t do any meal prep for the week. Which meant I was buying food food for lunch. I started to get a snack or two ready and then line up my pills to take. I went into the bedroom to get something and stepped smack in the middle of cat puke. Fantastic. As I was showering it off my foot I started to sing “Manic Monday” Which is exactly what this turned out to be.

Spark and Catalyst. – Nope and nope. Forgot the catalyst this morning at home even though I put it by my bag. Didn’t want the spark yet as I was drinking some iced herbal tea.

Fiber Drink, Protein, Complex Carb, Fruit – Ezekiel bread with peanut butter. I am loving this bread and it was such an easy option for breakfast. Also forgot my blender bottle at home today so I was mixing my fiber drink with a fork. It still went down and I only have one awful thing left. This time it was much easier than last challenge.

Snack- I didn’t want one. I was in a serious case of the Monday’s. So tired and just so blue. I luckily got a text for my two chiquitas and they are feeling the same. Glad to know I”m not the only one struggling today.

Spark and Catalyst.  It was freezing in the office so I poured half a pink lemonade spark in about 12oz of boiling water. It wasn’t that horrible. Didn’t really wake me up though.

Protein, Vegetable and Complex Carb –Made a huge salad at lunch with two boiled eggs, some diced chicken, spinach, onions, carrots, broccoli and some sunflower seeds. I topped it with some olive oil and a few dashes of red vinegar. I’m liking salad right now so I’m rolling with it.

Snack – Huge spark! It was much needed to get through the afternoon.

photo (2)

Protein, vegetable, Complex Carb, OmegaPlex – It must be a miracle, I remembered to take the OmegaPlex! For dinner tonight I had mung bean pasta with some basil, tomatoes and garlic. I tossed that all with some olive oil. I wasn’t in the mood to cook at all! I made regular pasta for the boyfriend and he got some mozzarella thrown in as well.

photo (3)

Dinner Snack – None

Catalyst – Yep I remembered. I also took some of the leftover Herbal Cleanse since I forgot two nights.

Thoughts throughout the day – Kind of down in the dumps. I had been thinking about another job and then found out I wasn’t the best fit for it. I wasn’t sold on it but it brought up old feelings of  when I was at Ocean Spray and it felt like I wasn’t going to ever leave my job. Frustrated at my lack of attention and fog brain. Getting excited for the max stage, I need energy!
Feelings –  Crappy and a little blue
Cravings – Sleep
Abnormal body functions – Nope, luckily since I wasn’t so great this weekend I’m not a poop machine.

Workout- I did a Nike Training Club 30 minute workout.


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