Advocare Recap

Advocare 24 Day Cleanse – Day 5

Woke up and felt like I needed to go the bathroom again. Also woke up starving which I’m loving and taking as a sign that I’m finally getting my metabolism back in check.

Spark and Catalyst. – Took the catalyst and then finished my rehydrate from last night.

Fiber Drink, Protein, Complex Carb, Fruit – Ezekiel bread with peanut butter. I was worried that I wouldn’t like this stuff because the list of ingredients is WAY too healthy. Last challenge I ate Genius bread which had some oils in it and I really liked it. I’m really digging this stuff though.

photo 2


Snack- A hard boiled egg and two clementines. I knew with the smaller breakfast I would need the snack to keep me going!

Spark and Catalyst. – Totally needed a spark since I didn’t have one this am and took some catalyst.

Protein, Vegetable and Complex Carb –  Remember when I told you I ate something constantly when I like it and it works? Well for lunch it was a repeat of yesterday…and the day before.

Snack –  Same snack as in the morning, it was both sweet and savory and filled me up! photo 1

Protein, vegetable, Complex Carb, OmegaPlex – Dinner was on the road to go skiing. We swung back home and got the cat and packed the car and while that was going on I quickly heated up some gluten free nuggets and tossed them with leftover rice and pesto. It tasted great even when the boyfriend was eating fast food next to me.

photo 2

Dinner Snack – None, I wasn’t that hungry

Herbal Cleanse Tablet & Catalyst – Didn’t remember either at the cabin

Thoughts throughout the day – Poop again? Is my body just becoming a baby alive and now everything I eat I poop out within the hour? How is my stomach still bloated?
Feelings – Stomach hurts about 5 minutes before I have to go the bathroom then after I’m fine for awhile.
Cravings – None really
Abnormal body functions – I bet you can guess

Workout-Rest day. Traveling up to ski tomorrow.


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