Baby Shower Crafting

Remember here where I told you I did tons of crafts but could only show you one because two of them were for WHO’s baby shower? Well now I can share with you what I actually made. The first thing was super easy, my very creative friend from Ocean Spray made them for another baby shower so I stole the idea.


They are little cupcakes made out of onesies and baby wash cloths. All you do is take the washcloth and put it at the end of a onesie and then just wrap them up. I went to Michael’s and found a cupcake box (ok I found a package of cupcake boxes and now have some leftover) to put them in. I have since googled “cupcake onsies” and found that you can make them a lot better than I did. Oh well next time for another mama.

The second one I am completely proud of, my diaper cake.


I found it online when I was bored and knew I had to make it for WHO. I loved the way it came out. I followed the instructions from here to the T.  It was so easy, yet now I have two random cake pans. Oh well! Even Kitty thought it looked pretty neat.



So those are the two crafts. For someone like myself who doesn’t like to spend a ton of time crafting because my attention span starts to fade these were perfect. The instructions were so easy to follow and the results pleased me. I wish crafting could be this easy always!

Do you like to craft? I always love to start a project, but anything longer than an hour and I get bored. 


1 thought on “Baby Shower Crafting”

  1. And what a fantastic job you did! They were beautiful and I don’t think I can bare to take them apart… of course I may be changing my tune when I have puke on my shoulder 😉

    Love love love the crafts and YOU!

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