Advocare Recap

Advocare 24 Day Cleanse – Day 4

 I love today, what a great day. I think I’ll wear these jeans and this shirt and flip flops. Hmmm these jeans must have just gotten washed cause good lord are they tight. Oops unzip them first, there we go much better. Ok time to go to work, WHAT THE WHAT?!? SNOW??!! Yes that was my inner dialogue getting ready this morning while the boyfriend was screaming in the bathroom “Wrecking Ball” by Miss Cyrus. When I walked outside I could not believe there was snow on the ground. I had already gotten ready though and I wasn’t going to put on another outfit, so I went to work in the snow in flip flops.

Spark and Cayatalst. – Had both, today is a grape spark day which makes me happy!

Fiber Drink, Protein, Complex Carb, Fruit – Oh my lord, so hungry. I’m excited because I think that means my metabolism is starting to get back to normal. I had two eggs on Ezekiel bread with some PB. Full to the max!

photo 1

Spark and Catalyst. – Saving the spark for after lunch like yesterday. Seemed to help with the afternoon slump.

Protein, Vegetable and Complex Carb –  Same lunch as yesterday but when I find something that fills me up and satisfies me I tend to stick with it. I absolutely love this, Buffalo chicken shredded with quinoa and broccoli. I threw in some leftover sprouts too and it was just as good.

photo 2


Snack – Spark and a banana with peanut butter

Protein, vegetable, Complex Carb, OmegaPlex – My most favorite dinner that the boyfriend makes is tacos. I love tacos and always have, the only problem is I have a hard time controlling how much I eat when I eat them. Normally I can eat at least three tacos, not the tiny hard shells either but large soft ones. Yesterday I made tacos only I used an Ezekiel wrap instead of a flour one to keep it challenge friendly. Also instead of white rice we used brown. I still ate way too much though and ended up with a horrible stomach ache. Lesson hopefully learned. Forgot to take the OmegaPlex.

photo 1

Dinner Snack – None, I was stuffed

Herbal Cleanse Tablet & Catalyst – Must be some kind of record I remembered again!

Thoughts throughout the day – Getting nervous for the long weekend, being out of a routine sometimes throws me.
Feelings – Nothing too out of the normal.
Cravings – Potato chips
Abnormal body functions – Cannot stop pooping. It’s getting old quick

Workout- I did another round of the Nike Training Club. I’m loving this thing!


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