WHO’s Baby Shower

This weekend I was so happy to shower one of my best friends with love and happiness on her upcoming baby girl! WHO is having a baby and we all cannot wait to meet this bundle of joy. The party was held around 1:00 in the afternoon Saturday, but I got there early to snap a few pictures of all the decorations her Stepmother and sister had done.

These cute little jelly chicks would light up if you slammed them against the table.
WHO’s MIL painted these boxes and applied the “Toys” decal and then filled them with handmade chocolates, Lego candies and gummy bears.
Little carriages filled the tables with candies and flowers
Each coaster was a different trivia question about parenthood. This answer was “true”

Then people started to arrive and mingle, traffic was really bad in Boston that day though so people straggled in later than they normally would. This just left extra time for chatting.

IMGP0200 IMGP0197 IMGP0193

It was finally time to eat and we all ordered from a huge menu. All the food looked and tasted fantastic, I filled myself on calamari and zucchini fries. In the middle of lunch WHO’s step mom got up and made a wonderful toast that had us all going “awww” at points and laughing at others. She really was a fantastic host.

WHO listening to the toast

IMGP0202 IMGP0201


After everyone had finished WHO sat down and started to open presents. I didn’t get to snap any pictures as I was taking notes on who gave her what. All I can say is this baby is very loved and we are all excited to meet her!



After gifts the mini cupcakes were taken out. I managed to devour two of them, my favorite being the peanut butter and banana one.



Finally I had to rush to get my dress done for Kaelyn’s wedding so I said my goodbyes and ran out. I was left with a peaceful feeling though, to know so many people love this woman as much as I do and there are so many people for her to lean on once this baby is born. Let’s be clear though, I’m calling first dibs on all babysitting opportunities!



1 thought on “WHO’s Baby Shower”

  1. I think you’re the only one who has claimed babysitting duties – so they are all yours 🙂 I am blessed to have such loving family and friends – and our baby girl is even more lucky – she has no idea.

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