Advocare Recap

Advocare 24 Day Cleanse – Day 3

Awww yeah today is day three which means tomorrow I will have four days of no Fiber Drink! Yes that is the first thought that came out of my head this morning. That and, thank gosh I only got up once to pee. I forgot to mention yesterday but good lord I must have been up four times peeing. Perhaps getting rid of toxins?

Spark and Cyatalst. – Used a half of a Mango Strawberry packet I found in the kitchen. Then waited until I got to work to take my pills. 

Fiber Drink, Protein, Complex Carb, Fruit – Got pulled into a meeting and then didn’t get breakfast until almost 10. I was famished so I thought I would be able to do the Fiber drink a ton better. Nope still awful. I am finding that adding spark to it helps with the flavor but that mouth feel is horrible. Half done though and now I get four days off! A muffin and a banana followed.

photo 2
Reusing picture as I’m still eating these!

Spark and Catalyst. Took the cataylst but didn’t have a spark. I’m saving that for after lunch since I’m not that tired

Protein, Vegetable and Complex Carb – Oh today was so much better than yesterday. Man that lunch was awful! Today I had quinoa, shredded chicken with buffalo sauce, and broccoli. It was so wonderful and so filling. Such an improvement from yesterday! Right after lunch I was feeling sleepy so it was time for a spark!

photo 1

Snack – A Lara Bar. I saw it had some sugar in it after I ate it, no wonder it tasted so good. Looks like that flavor is out. I’ll have to make some PB protein balls for an afternoon snack. Also took two O2 Golds about an hour before gym time.

photo 2

Protein, vegetable, Complex Carb, OmegaPlex – After the killer workout at the gym I felt like I was going to throw up. I was worried I wouldn’t be as hungry yet by the time I got home and settled I was famished. I quickly whipped up some pesto and then tossed it with some more mung bean pasta, tomatoes and some gluten free chicken nuggets. It was devoured almost instantly.

photo 2


Dinner Snack – I didn’t really need a snack but then my loving boyfriend made this for himself.

photo 3

Yeah you see that correctly Mr. I don’t like to eat chocolate or desserts, takes a snickerdoodle cookie and tops it with some chocolate and then puts it on the grill pan. WHAT. THE. @#$%?! So I needed something “chocolate” to kill my craving. Luckily a few days ago someone posted on the Advocare Facebook page a mock chocolate milkshake that is just one frozen banana, 2 TB of coco powder and then a little over a cup of non dairy milk. I used So Good Coconut Milk, the stuff is the best!

photo 4

I wasn’t even able to finish half this shake but it made it so I didn’t loose my mind while he was eating his dessert.

Herbal Cleanse Tablet & Catalyst  Remembered both again! Going on some kind of record.

Thoughts throughout the day – I really want some candy, like a chocolate bar, like now!
Feelings – This peeing has to stop, I need a full night sleep.
Cravings – Chocolate bars
Abnormal body functions – Massive stomach cramping about an hour after breakfast. Perhaps the muffin was a little bad? Oh nope not the muffin, looks like the cleanse is working faster than it did last time. Wow… much faster, I hope I don’t have an accident at the gym! Oh man going a few times now, holy cow!

Workout- I did another Nike Training Club workout. It was 45 minutes and it crushed me. I’m sore today but while I was doing it I kept chanting in my head “let’s torch some calories” so I managed to get through it. The satisfaction I felt at the end was 100% worth it! 

photo 1


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