Treat Yourself Tuesday

Hello friends and a happy Tuesday to you! You know what time it is?!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge


That’s right, I’m linking up with Becky over at Olivesnwine.com to share with you my treats from this past week. If you are new to treat yourself Tuesday then head over to her site as she does an amazing job explaining why it is important to treat yourself each week.

My first set of treats was a massive purchase from Advocare! In my box I got:



AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink Mix

AdvoCare Slam®

Nighttime Recovery

Yep five new things! I cannot wait to try the rehydrate and nighttime recovery as I continue on using the Nike Training Club. I have had sore muscles every single day and am ready for a pain free morning. The other two purchases were just a restock of what I was running low on.

The next treat was when I was in Target. The other week the boyfriend was a maniac looking for his keys and broke my candle in the bathroom. So I got a new one, and it smells fantastic. I am not a huge fan of the way it burns since one side is going down a lot quicker than the other, but for $8 I can’t complain too much.

photo 1

The last treat was a regular manicure. I have always gotten shellac because I hate it when my nails chip, but I realized that it only lasts two weeks, and I always have to go back to take it off correctly. For less than half the price I can just get a regular one and if I hate it I change the color at home!

photo 2

I obviously don’t hate it though as coral is my new jam. The color is OPI and it is called Tucan If You Want To. So cleaver!

That my friends is how I treated myself this past week.

How did you treat yourself? 


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