Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

What a full weekend! I thought I wouldn’t have much since I wasn’t going anywhere but Sunday afternoon I could hardly keep my eyes open. Starting back on Friday I skipped my workout and went grocery shopping with the boyfriend in preparation for our friends to come over to grill for the first time this season and play Cards Against Humanity. It was such a fun and relaxing night, I splurged and made margaritas and had tons of chocolate.

4-13-2014 5-27-44 PM

The next morning I was lazy until around 11 when I started to get ready to go to WHOs baby shower. It was such a good time and I was so pleased to see how loved she and this baby are. There are too many pictures from the event so I’ll do a whole new post just on that.

Then I quickly went to the tailor to get my dress cut for Kaelyn’s wedding and headed home just in the nick of time to get ready for our anniversary dinner. The boyfriend didn’t tell me where we were going, the only thing I knew was that we would be wearing cocktail party outfits and that I had to be ready to walk out the door at 5:45. I was but when we got into our Uber I was so nervous for some reason, my stomach was all in knots. I don’t like surprises I guess!

When we pulled up to our destination I was completely shocked, the boyfriend had booked us a sunset dinner cruise. photo 1
It was so thoughtful, I was really touched he went out on a limb and wanted to try something new with me.

We boarded the ship and he informed me that he knew I loved cheese plates so he had gotten us one to start the evening off. I almost cried; wine, cheese and a sunset what more could I ask for?!

photo 2

We then took our drinks and headed to the upper deck to watch the sunset over Boston.

photo 3 photo 4

All of a sudden I exclaimed to the boyfriend “hey isn’t that where we live over there?” Sure enough it was and we could see our house from where we were. I think we were the only ones looking on the opposite side but we didn’t care. We both yelled hello’s to Tucker at home and headed back down. I felt a little bad though as he had envisoned it as a quiet and romantic dinner and that is far from what it was, The only way I can describe it is by saying we were at someone’s wedding yet we didn’t know anyone.

There was loud dance music and the food was all buffet. I stuffed myself on the cheese plate and wine though and didn’t have much room, even when our special dessert came out.

photo 5

It was still an awesome evening and I am so happy and so lucky to have an amazing guy to plan something out like that for me.

Sunday was day one of Advocare and I didn’t manage to do much besides hit the gym, target, get my nails done and do some laundry. The rest of the day was spent being lazy.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


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