Weekly Workouts

If you recall, my fitness goal this month was to workout every day and not have any workout repeat itself for a three day period. Well I’ve already got an incomplete on the workout every day, if you asked me to do anything on Saturday after the horrific car ride I would have laughed in your face and Sunday was a day full of traveling, I was going to go for a run in the morning but our Spa appointments got pushed to 8:30 am so it was too early to wake up and run before.

Other than missing those days I have been diverse in my workouts. A lot of lifting, boot camps and getting back on the stairmaster.

This week I took Monday off, I needed to do too much after work and was still worn out from my weekend. Tuesday I was on the stairmaster for a fast but sweaty workout.

photo 5

Wednesday I was at boot camp, which always works me out hard.

photo 2

Today after work I’m going to do a quick 10 minutes on the treadmill and then this workout from Heather over at Fit N Cookies. Last week when I did it I was dripping sweat and then had sore muscles for two days. I loved it!

Harder than it looks workout

Friday I’m either going to do a long run or this workout from Julie at PBFingers.com.

photo 4

Saturday will be spin class in the am.

Sunday will be what I didn’t do on Friday of the two choices.

I’m happy that I’m excited to workout and loving the diversity. It really helps get my fitness goals in and keeps me motivated. I find if I do something over and over again I start to get really bored of it. Like listening to the same song on the radio all the time, at first it’s awesome but then you never want to hear that song again.

Sunday will also be the start of my 24 day challenge. I feel like I’m going to look amazing by the time Kaelyn’s wedding rolls around on May 17th!


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